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I'm planning my wedding for February 2011 as well and I plan to send out a STD e-mail next week. That way people will have a year to plan and save. I have not confirmed the date with the resort, so we are going to say "February 2011" and direct people to our wedding website for updates. Formal invites to follow in the spring.


Good luck and congrats! :)

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Hey guys thank you all for your advice! I cannot wait to make my STD's! I feel better now knowing that others are sending their's out quite early as well. What are you all doing for your STD's?? Are you having specific themes?

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Originally Posted by richarsd View Post
Hi Chellycorn,
We are getting married in March 2011 and I just put mine in the mail today! So I guess that makes it about 13-14 months in advance. Typically that's way early for a traditional wedding but I think DWs are different and typical rules go out the window. For us, we really wanted to give people as much notice as possible to "save the money" more so than "save the date".
And like you, we don't have a date or resort confirmed yet either. We've decided on Punta Cana, DR and probably the last week of March. So in our cards we just put "March 2011, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic". I also put in small lettering at the bottom "formal invitations and travel information to follow in summer 2010" so people know what to expect.
Hope that helps!
I agree with you. We just blocked off our rooms at our hotel for May 2011 wedding, and once I have all the info I plan on sending mine out (which will be about 14 months ahead of time.) I figured once you have all of your concrete information, you might as well send those bad boys out and give your guests as much time as possible to plan. We aren't planning on formal invitations to follow, so we wanted to make sure ALL info (hotel, church, etc.) were in order before sending out save the dates. We also directed them toward our website which will be the main source of updated information.

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