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Ok, so i'm working on my boarding pass invites and was able to print them on cardstock (i think it's 65lbs). Now I need to print the pockets for the BP and the paper is 80lbs cardstock and it's getting jammed on my printer! Anyone have a clue or advice on how to get these darn things to print? BTY, I have an HP all-in-one printer. Thanks for the advice!!!

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Have you tried just printing one at a time? If all else fails, take them to a Staples or similar place and use their copy center. I had to print my card stock items at Staples because my card stock was 105lb.

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Does your printer have a manual feed option (like if you were printing on legal or something?) If so, give that a shot. It sometimes also helps if you stand there and put gentle pressure on the sheet to feed in into the rollers.


Also, some printers have a slot in the back that allows for "straight feed" printing.


Short of that, if you are using metallic or some of the glossy finishes they can sometimes be too slick for your rollers - try opening up the printer and gently rubbing the rollers with an old nylon stocking - it adds a little friction to the grip. (And please don't ask where I come up with this stuff... )

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