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we just got a nice tan suit at a bridal store yesterday....the best part is that we can rent it for only 109 bucks :) so happy it is a great light beachy suit by After Six :)

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Hi ladies.. I am in the same boat.. not sure what he should wear. I am thinking he will wear a white linen suit and the guys will wear white drawstring linen pants from islandimporters.com and I want to find a striped linen white/fuschia shirt.. My BMs are wearing fuschia dresses.. MY FI isnt thrilled with the fuschia but I dont think it will look bad if its striped.. What do you all think? havent found a shirt yet.. check out Islandimporters.com I ordered the swatches for 10.00 and they were shipped the next day. Kenneth Cole outlet has a great deal on the leather white sandals.(not thongs) regularly 90.00 we got them for 35.00 each.. they actually ordered all sizes and will be shipped to us at no additional charge.. so thats one of the gifts we are giving the groomsmen,

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I wanted fuschia for the guys too but the other half said NO. Not even a pink flower boutonniere. I had to pick another color for the guys to wear... pretty ridiculous, I think guys in pink look hot!

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Originally Posted by barbiegirl_27 View Post
mine is wearing a tan linen suit......I tried to persuade him to wear a grey suit to go with our colours but he won't have it. I'm just happy that he likes to shop as much as I do, and had an idea of what he wanted before we even talked about it!
omg...I also tried to get FI to wear gray...he said NO. He didn't want to look like "peewee herman," and unfortunately after googling peewee, he is ALWAYS wearing a gray suit! darrrrn it!

p.s. I have the pickiest FI in the world, I know.

p.p.s. I wasn't sure about my spelling and had to google this too:



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