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Majestic Colonial Info

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HI Ladies!

I am starting a new thread because the Majestic Colonial thread is soooo big I cant seem to find an answer :-( !!!!



I am waiting for confirmation from the judge for a May 14, 2011 wedding.


I have a couple of questions, maybe from past Majestic Colonial brides?


Do they supply the bows for the chairs? In the ceremony and reception?


Also has ANYONE used the hotel photographer, tropical photography I believe its called?


Any other questions or concerns, or information lets feel free to share them!

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From what I've heard you probably won't be able to get your confirmation in regards to the judge until about one year from your date. I booked about a year in advance but then changed to a symbolic ceremony but was able to keep my same day and time.


They do have some chair sashes to choose from but they're not great. (You could ask the wedding coordinator to send you some photos) Most brides bring their own. I brought satin chair sashes and table runners and some other decor. They have rose petals that they spread down the isle and some white material that they wrap around posts etc. but anything else you'll have to bring yourself.


I did not use the resort photographer but I've heard good things about both Kiko and Kenny. There's also Photo Souvenir that is based out of Punta Cana and they're good. (Our friends used them last year) I used Photophil, a photographer from Ontario that does tons of Majestic weddings. Any other questions feel free to PM me. We just got married there in November.



Another great spot for info is the Facebook Group for Majestic Colonial Brides. There are tons of discussions as well as many pictures where you can see samples of photographers work.


Happy planning!

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I am getting married at the Colonial on Oct 19, 2010. I have booked Michael Steingard (PhotoPhil's nephew).


A friend of mine got married at the Colonial using Michael Steingard this past Nov 2009. She said it was the best time ever! That Michael was like a wedding co-ordinator as he knows everyone and knows how the day is going to play out. PLUS her photos are GORGEOUS!


I agree that the other post was getting way too long. Good idea to start fresh. We should start a new list of wedding dates. I will pull the date list from the old thread.

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If you are not on the list for getting married at the Majestic Colonial, please copy the latest posted list and add your date!



newbride - February 3, 2010

karldettmann - February 12, 2010


MARCH 2010

Anna_C - March 26, 2010


APRIL 2010

livinlife - April 20th, 2010

tiggerulz - April 20th, 2010

liujessicam - April 22nd, 2010

QCbride-April 28th, 2010


MAY 2010

lara&mike - May 3 2010

JessicaANDJermaine - May 11 2010

Nicoleswrld - May 13, 2010

CnC - May 14, 2010

Littleone77 - May 17, 2010

MexicoBeachBride2010 - May 18, 2010

Crystal&Matt2010 - May 19, 2010

ali0284- May 26, 2010


JUNE 2010

Vallarta_2009 - June 2, 2010


JULY 2010

Jenny K-W (Jenn and Dave) July 20, 2010

Jefiner - Majestic Colonial, July 21, 2010

Maigan & Brad - Majestic Elegance, July 26, 2010

Mel4983 - Majestic Colonial, July 27, 2010



Regine - Majestic Elegance, Oct 9th, 2010

Michele L - Majestic Colonial, Oct 19th, 2010



Rhiannonbs - Majestic elegance, November 27th, 2010



VBVB- Majestic Colonial, February 25, 2011

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Hey ladies!


I am also hoping to get married at the Majestic Colonial in February, 2011. I'm just waiting until next week to e-mail them again to hopefully secure a date with the judge. I would prefer to have the real wedding there with our friends and family; however, if the process becomes too tedious or the dates and times are too restrictive, I am not totally against a symbolic ceremony. We shall see.


So, have all the brides-to-be decided on the beach or gazebo? What else are you planning?

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hi all!


i am a Jan 2011 bride, and just secured the ceremony date a couple of days ago with one of the coordinators, Wardes. she has been great so far, emailing me back within a couple of hours.


we are having a symbolic ceremony on the beach at 4pm, then will have dinner at the steakhouse and a party at the parrot bar/wet bar (depending on how many people we have)..


i also reccommend the Facebook group to those who haven't visited it. it has TONS of great information, and PhotoPhil Steingard is there to answer a lot of questions.

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I am getting married at the Gazebo. I have heard too many horror stories of topless grandma's standing too close to the beach ceremony area (in the background of the photos). The gazebo is much more private and my guests will be partially shaded.


The beach will play a big part in my wedding photos so I don't feel the need to be married on the beach.

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YAY! Hello to all you lovely ladies! WE have quite a few soon to be Majestic Brides! I cant wait to hear all the reviews from you girls!


To answer a few of the questions floating around, the hotel photographer actually has a website, if you are interested. The work is rather pretty, simple, but very pretty-




You cannot book if you are doing an actual legal marriage so to speak. I believe they are booking symbolic ceremonies already, however, the judge does not book more than a year in advance. Yadilis confirmed my date as being reserved, now I just have to wait for the judge to give the go ahead for May 14, 2011!


I wasnt sure about the sashes, where are some good places to buy the sashes in bulk?


I am deciding on the gazebo ceremony, only concern is I am positive it is going to be a HUGE group of people and how the hotel plans on fitting everyone on the gazebo?


I want to do dinner at the steakhouse, and a reception with DJ MAnnia at either the parrot/wet bar, also depending on how many people come!


Is anybody else as anxious as I am?!

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