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Maracas anyone ??

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I was reading through the thread about different things to "throw" during the ceremony. We really like the streamers idea. Concerned too much about the wind to use bubbles. Then we got to thinking, since we've got the tropical beat going, what about using maracas? The website below has silver or silver streamer maracas. We could even personalize (on our own) the silver maracas. Thought this might be a nice touch as the new bride and groom walk down the aisle.


Any thoughts or comments? Would love to hear back!



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I have seen this idea around on here - you could probably try searching and see where others got theirs from.. Here is another place that I know of that does the maraca's - she personally does them and is located in PVR so she will ship them to the resort.. that way you don't have the hassle of taking them down there with you!


Mishka Designs' Blog: A Maraca By Any Other Name...


I think it's a great idea that I will most likely using for my wedding as long as it isn't too much money :)

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