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Admitted to hospital with a week to go!!!

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Oh no... Please keep us posted on progress or any updates! Sending good energy your way!!!


Health takes #1 priority!!! hug2.gif


Focus on getting through surgery and recovery!!! angel1.gif

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Hello Ladies! Thanks for all of the kind wishes! What would I do without all of you fabulous ladies??!!!

UPDATE: No surgery!! YAY! They released me today! Hooray! It turns out it was a Pulmonary Embolis (blood clot in my lung). The treatment was just a couple of shots and some close watching...

I am able to fly next week if the rest of the tests come back okay, but the Dr. sounded confident. Whew! No scuba diving (sad) but if thats the worst of it...who cares!Surgery really would have sucked! I am convinced it was everyones kind thoughts.

This really put some things in perspective for me. If everything doesn't get done it does not matter. As long as I get to marry my honey!

Whoo Hoo!

Thanks again ladies. I really appreciate all of your kind words.


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