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Your favorite diet/exercise/Healthy lifestyle book??

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Hey ladies,


I thought it might be fun to post what diet/exercise/healthy lifestyle books you have read and enjoyed, or which ones you found helped you change your eating style. I'm in the market for a new one, so thought I'd see what you wonderful ladies had to say!!


Personally, I have a couple of the Suzanne Somers books (Eat Great, Lose Weight, etc.) which I love the recipes from (SOOOO GOOD), but don't have the discipline to follow the diet properly.


I also have read "The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan" which is WONDERFUL, and makes a lot of sense. Its a lifestyle eating book, not a diet, which is great. And since its a "lacto-ovo vegetarian" book (she eats eggs, chicken, fish and drinks milk, but no other meat) there is a lot of recipes that include heavy emphasis on veggies. Which I also like.


I also have "YOU: On a diet" but haven't had a chance to read it yet.


What have you ladies read through? What did you like? Did any of your books include exercise programs as well??


Let us know!! This could be a good reference for people looking for healthy eating plans or healthy recipe books!

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I have just been reading healthy eating blogs and recipes online - but my diet basically consists of:


Oatmeal with cinnamon, hard boiled egg, some oranges (I change to one of these every day).


I'm a student, so I bring homemade trailmix with me for a snack and also water and more little oranges. For lunch I have a home made fruit salad made with nectarines, kiwis, oranges or pineapple (so good).


Dinner, we've been having a lot of home made sushi lately - I only like the veggie ones, so mostly cucumber and avacados - or just cucumber. If not that, we have been making home made soups.


We've cut out all pasta, processed foods (mostly..!) and have been experimenting with home made dips like hummus, eaten with vegetable sticks from Bulk Barn.


It has been soo easy, mostly becuase I love sushi but I just need to keep up with the exercises daily.


I live in a building that has 10 floors, so I have been doing stairs every day - I do 300 sit ups and squats daily. I also try to get to the gym to do some cardio.


I am finding it hard to see a difference in my hips and upper legs/butt. THAT is what I would appreciate help on! lol...any ideaS?

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