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October Wedding - Mayan Riviera!

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Hi Ashley I am new to this site too! and I am also an October/ November bride in the early stages.

I have become frustrated trying to get quotes and info.

It seems it takes a real long time to get a reply.

Have you encountered the same?

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Thanks so much for the warm welcome, everyone!

This board has been SUCH a huge help already.


Mercy - I HAVE noticed a serious delay in replies, it's not just you!

Usually with the vendors in Mexico I have let it slide, as response times are a little slower when you're working on "island time." I'm confident after reading other brides' reviews of my resort that the details will be ironed out within a few months of my arrival, but mostly the week of the actual wedding. If you have serious questions, though, it might be worth calling rather than sending an e-mail.


With vendors located near me, there's no real excuse. If a quote is taking too long, I will send an e-mail asking when to expect it. And, if someone is too busy to even send a reply, then they are too busy to earn my business.


Don't get me wrong - I'm not crazed or hardheaded. There's deadlines when you are planning a wedding though, so businesses need to work with that and address your concerns.


Last but not least - congrats on your engagement :) Have you gotten very far into the planning stages yet?

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Hey Ashley!


I'm from the Edmonton region - good to see another Alberta bride on BDW.. We are getting married October 2010 in Riviera Maya as well - but at the new Dreams Riviera Cancun!


You'll find lots of information here to help you decide on a location and much much more!!


Happy planning woot.gif

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