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OOT Bags; Where to get what list!

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smile159.gifI am new to the site and stumbled upon a oot bag list. This list is great but I could not find where the items were posted. I plan to use this thread for people to post where they purchased the items for the bags! This way everyone is aware of all the deals out there. If this had been done already please re-direct me and I will post it elsewhere! Get your popcorn ready!popcorn.gif



Minimus biz---2 per pack----$.39

Amazon 50 for $12.95

Dollar tree---2 per package--3 in a box--$1

Firstaidsource.com--2 per package-50 packs--$13.67

Samsclub---50/2 pks-$8.76


Pepto Bismol

Amazon-pcks 2--25 packs--$12.00

Minimus biz---packs of 2-----$.95



Wet Wipes

Sams club----Purell wetipes---100 count----$4.48

Amazon------purell wipes---100 count-----$5.29



Vista print----100 free----just pay for shipping



Dollar tree---(juicy fruit, trident..ect) 4 pck--$1



Shout Wipes

Sams club--80 pcks--$22.86

Amazon.com----12 pcks---$3.39



Efavormart.com----$2.79 each


Stain Sticks

Amazon.com--tide to go--pck 10----$9.99



Dollar tree---8pck--$1



I have found that minimus.biz, dollar tree and amazon normally have the best prices. If you have a Sams club card you can also save lots of money!!! If you find better please post. There are lots of items that people use for the oot bags that are not listed here. Please post!

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I have found Michael's has good stuff too. I found candles in a tin for 97cents (great scents) leather luggage tags with an initial on it for $2. I live in Michigan, I'm not sure what other states they are in.

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Originally Posted by crsperanza View Post
I bought fuchsia and pink luggage tags at Michael's for $.25 each!!! They also have passport covers for $.50 each, aqua, green, black, fuchsia, orange etc.
Where did you find them at Michael's? I was there last night and all I could find were $2 luggage tags. Were they on clearancehuh.gif

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