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Any 2011 Brides out there?

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#361 michelle2011

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    Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:32 PM

    We will do a package deal. Hotel, transfer & flights as it's just easier that way. Especially as we have guests coming with us from the UK. We can go on a group booking and all travel together :o)

    Spoke to FI today about rings and now we are thinking about getting them made to match as we pretty much have the same taste and want the same thing. It's something we will have to look into though as dont know how expensive it will work out!

    #362 Nicyx

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      Posted 01 March 2010 - 04:28 PM

      Originally Posted by CeeCee76
      I promised FI I wouldn't bother him too much about the wedding, but now I'm wishing I didn't promise him that. I do have the contract signed at the resort, so I'm happy about that. I need to get cracking on our website

      I’m also using the hotel photographer along with Nicyx and cjboarder13. I’m hoping like Nicyx that the family and friends coming along will take some awesome pictures too. I’m not a huge photograph person, so the basics works for me, plus the dreadful budget! I’m hoping my WC will provide some samples of their work. I’ve seen Moon Palace photogs, but no Sun Palace ones.
      CeeCee6.... Hey thats what were here for, if Im sure we can help with anything we will, just mither us instead :-)
      Its great you have your contract signed though, one less thing to worry about.
      With the photog, if i had more in the budget i probably would pay more and have loads of professional ones but i simply cant afford it.... so i will be relying my friends and fam to take stunning pix, i have warned them of this and everyone is happy!!! Phew!!!!
      Sorry cant help with the samples but hopefully someone on here will come along who can help with that.... :-)

      mischaka... wow, under a year.. I think thats when i will get scared and nervous 2!!!! Argh!!!

      Linhy... I dont know if its my computer why I cant access your website.. and i dont have access to another one and my work ones are internal only!!!

      Michelle2011... I know what you mean about frustrating, its driving me mad... its feels like i cant do anything else now until then... im just wishing the prices come out begining of April and not the end!!!
      I feel like a kid at christmas about all this infact probably worse... im just so excited all the time :-) haha

      FutureMrsYak... im sure everyting will work out with your resort but like you say its not like its the only place over there to get married... but sending you lots of good vibes so it'll help it be ok!!!! :-)

      As for bookings were doing all through TA flights-transfer-holiday like michelle says i just feel its easier this way and everything is in one place, thats the way weve always done it to be honest, and id be to worried to do it seperatly i think.. im bad enough now!!! Im such a stress head, and even that stresses me out!!! :-)

      2011 seems so far away but then seems like it'll be here in a flash... I love this thread and site as it kinda keeps me sane to be honest.

      The good news for me is last night i was talking to my mum and she nformed me of some aunties, uncles and cousins who are wanting to possibly come (dates and £'s depending) so hopefully i'll be having more at my wedding so im really pleased with that :-) Ive got my mum onto the job of calling everyone and having a "quiet" word about it, just to see who is actually interested to give me a better idea of numbers as no-one has really taken it seriously hat were doing this before... finally i think people are beginning to believe it!!!! haha... watch this sace for numbers at the moment i thought it was only going to be 11 inc me and Stephen but looks like it could be way more than that!!! YIPEE!!!!
      How many people are you girls having at your weddings? :-)

      WOOPS.... sorry for the long post!!!!!


      #363 Julie2011

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        Posted 01 March 2010 - 05:15 PM

        Hey ladies,
        Talk to your travel agents...you should be able to book on an estimated cost. We already have our deposits down for May2011. We were told as long as we get 10 deposits then the group rate and hotel are confirmed. When prices come in, if they are cheaper-we pay the cheaper rate. I was way to impatient to wait, so this was our solution. I feel much better knowing that everything is a for sure
        Hope that helps =)

        #364 michelle2011

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          Posted 01 March 2010 - 06:09 PM

          Hi Julie 2011 - Our TA says there is nothing we can do until the flight prices are released :o(... Hopefully not to long now though! Your very lucky being able to put your deposit down. I defo would if i could! I bet it makes it all feel so much more real. So exciting!!

          Nicyx - I totally understand were your coming from. We, like you have had a long engagement and it's only now ppl are realising we ARE getting married next yr. I have a big family and we're not asking ppl as such. Although if ppl wanted to come and asked we would defo let them. It's just such a big expense we dont wanna put any pressure on (like most of you). Hopefully we will have 20/23 ppl there and if more book then it's a bonus to us :o) I am sooooo happy for you Nicy! It is lovely news. Keep us updated! And fingers x'd still that your sis makes it too!

          We will all get together at the reception back home in June (which we need to book still) and i get to wear my dress again.. woo hoo! Any excuse. I'll prob walk round the house in it doing the house work after the wedding, ha ha!

          #365 CeeCee76

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            Posted 01 March 2010 - 06:56 PM

            FutureMrsYak, I like that. I knew there was a reason I liked that date. The websites say no rooms available until they actually post the 2011, I wouldn’t worry about “no rooms available”.

            Linhy, Thanks for checking prices. I’m going to look when I get home. I plan on getting a package deal through the resort. I want to use that as leverage to maybe get some freebies down the road.

            Michelle2011, I like your idea about wearing your dress around the house to do house work. I’m definitely going to find a reason to wear it more than once.

            It looks like I might have about 10 people at our wedding.
            ~January 11, 2011~ Sun Palace, Cancun, Mexico~Our wedding review

            #366 CeeCee76

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              Posted 01 March 2010 - 06:56 PM

              Almost forgot, pixiedust, Congrats on your contract!
              ~January 11, 2011~ Sun Palace, Cancun, Mexico~Our wedding review

              #367 FutureMrsYak

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                Posted 01 March 2010 - 08:42 PM

                Your good vibes must have worked Nicyx! I recieved my wedding contract today in e-mail because I sent a message to the wedding consultant and cc'd her boss, only time I seem to get a response! I guess that's what I will be doing for here on out! The wedding contract still has some stuff wrong with it. But atleast my wedding date is correct thats all I care about!

                Today we also booked our room, prices still aren't out but TA is able to book it without prices. So now we have wedding contract, rooms booked and flights booked! I feel like things are finally moving along, and I may actually get married!! LOL

                #368 mexbride83

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                  Posted 01 March 2010 - 09:29 PM

                  Wow, I was away at a conference for the last 4 days and there are over 10 more pages on this thread! Lots of catching up to do:)

                  About the photographer discussion - I am in the process of getting quotes from all of them now, and my wedding isn't until May 2011. It's definitely not too early! I am currently leaning towards Del Sol, I just love their style so much. Their rates are incredibly high though, but not quite as high as Elizabeth Medina (who also requires you to pay for a hotel room for her the night of the wedding).

                  We are going to do TTD after the wedding, because we are moving to Hawaii post-wedding! My fiance is in the Army and is being sent there for 2-3 years. So while it would be a cheaper to do TTD in Mexico, I just didn't want to have anything that we had to do the day after the wedding (we leave two days after the wedding for our "minimoon" in Napa), and I also reallyyyyy want our dogs to be in some pics with us. So I convinced my parents (who I'm lucky enough to have paying) to let us skip doing engagement photos and do TTD photos in Hawaii instead! My father did say that I'm not allowed to wear my dress for it though, so I'm either going to wear my mother's wedding dress or get a $99 one at David's Bridal.

                  #369 mexbride83

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                    Posted 01 March 2010 - 09:44 PM

                    To all the busy grad school brides - I'm right there with you all! I'm in my first year of my graduate program, a Masters of Science in Nutrition. The first year is classes, second year is all research and thesis. My fiance and I have actually always planned to get engaged after I graduated, and then get married a year later (2012). But then the Army gave him orders (to Hawaii, so we couldn't walk away from that!), and now our timeline is moved up a year.

                    I thought planning so far ahead and having a destination wedding, where most stuff is chosen for you already, would make it all very stress-free so I could focus on school. What I didn't count on though is that all I want to do is research and plan the wedding!! It has become such a bad procrastination method, I swear I'm far behind because of it. But it's like an addiction... a fun one:)

                    My fiance has been wonderful though, I have to say. When we first decided we'd get married right after I graduate, rather than a year after, he promised me that he'd do as much of the planning as he could help out with so that it didn't get in the way of school. And he really has! He emails with our TA, researches resorts, has been researching photogs now, etc. God I love him:)

                    #370 prettypigpig

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                      Posted 01 March 2010 - 10:35 PM

                      Lucky you! My FI gave me the full discreation and planning of our wedding! Grad years go by very fast! I 've been there and came out just fine. I wish I can have my dog and cats in the pics, but my dog is a bit too old to travel, he will be 13 yrs old chow next year, and I don't want to stress him too much. As for my cats, they don't like to travel neither.
                      Good trick, I should cc my emails too, maybe I won't have to wait in from of my laptop like a mad online gambler anymore! heehee
                      As for which hotel and price...I decided to go down to Mexico for a site visit in June (after my FI did his CFA exam), then we will set the date and the location.


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