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Any 2011 Brides out there?

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#2281 Sweetthang247

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    Posted 06 July 2010 - 09:55 PM

    Hey 2011 Brides! I am super excited & had to share the news! We just booked our engagement pics for while we are in Cancun a couple of weeks from now! We are going to do site inspections at Gran Caribe Real, Cancun Palace, & Beach Palace while in Cancun. I will post any helpful information when we return! I really hope we fall in love with one of the resorts because we are just ready to start plannin!!

    #2282 vacationsrthebest

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      Posted 06 July 2010 - 10:41 PM

      Hi all!

      I'm also a 2011 bride and super excited as I now have my dress, my shoes :) and our photographer (Ivan Luckie). This is so nice as there really isn't much to plan!

      Congrats everyone!

      #2283 pitt2011

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        Posted 06 July 2010 - 10:57 PM

        Originally Posted by Lindobride14
        My mom and I (that's right bringing my mom instead of the FI haha) leave July 26th! We will meet with Mayra, the WC at Lindo to plan the reception venue, dinner menu, ceremony music, etc. etc. We will also hopefully meet with the resort's florist to pick out all our bouquets & centerpieces. There is one florist for all 5 IB properties and I was told he's very busy and that Mayra will "try" to get him to meet with us. Really?!

        I am also getting my hair/makeup trial at Waves Salon in PDC and meeting with Ivan Luckie (photographer), so it'll be a packed 4 days for sure. I really want to get as much planned as possible so it'll be smooth sailing in January!

        As for the piazza (that's just my word, I dunno what they call it) here is the email from Mayra:

        Can you please tell me ALL options for our private reception, including those on the other Iberostar properties? Also, if you have pictures of these spaces, that would be very helpful.

        I would like to mention that we do have the Convencion Center, Shopping Center Garden, Vitrales Room, By the Beach and the Cajun Restaurant

        Attached to the email were photos and I can only assume by process of elimination that "shopping center garden" is this photo:
        Click the image to open in full size.

        I'm assuming she's referring to the area surrounding the gazebo? I will clarify and take pics while we're there. This should be available to you at the Del Mar as well since all the properties share the shopping center area.
        Thats crazy about the florist! The most you would meet with him would be an hour....I would hope he could find an hour to meet with you! Can you take pics of the flowers and post them when you get back? I saw some already in an email a while back and am undecided between stargazer lilies, calla lillies, and roses. New updated pics would be helpful!!

        About the hair....I assume you are getting your hair done with them on your wedding day. Are they going to come to you or do you have to go to them on your wedding day? How did you find out about them? What are the prices like? I'm not really sure how I am going to go about hair/makeup. Have you heard anything about the resort salon? I know the resort salon is kind of expensive....

        I'm sure you will have tons of fun with your mom

        #2284 pitt2011

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          Posted 06 July 2010 - 11:05 PM

          [QUOTE=Lindobride14;1350724]Oh, and I wouldn't worry about DOREMIXX not getting back to you . . . Maybe it's because it was a friday and they had numerous events over the weekend? I've only exchanged one email with him and he responded in I think 2 days, which I thought was good, comparably speaking.

          How are the WC's at Del Mar at getting back to you? At the Lindo, they're inconsistent, one time it'll be a few hours later, the next time, a week![/QUOTE/]

          I am working with Karla, the WC at the Del Mar. She is super nice but her emails are inconsistent as well. I will email her and then she will get back to me a couple of hours later and then the next time it might be one or two days later. We were having an issue with the food and everytime she emailed me it never made sense. Even my fiancee didn't understand her emails. Things are taken care of now but my fiancee had to write her a firm email because mine were too polite (oops). I wish I could go meet with her beforehand but it doesn't work in my budget. So emails will have to do!

          I wont worry about DOREMIXX, it's just frustrating when I'm trying to make sure I get what I want! haha.

          Let me know what you think of Ivan Luckie, I was possibly considering him or Sascha Gluck.

          #2285 pitt2011

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            Posted 06 July 2010 - 11:12 PM

            Originally Posted by klc52379
            Thanks everyone for the kind words about my dress! I keep going back online and looking at it :)

            Pitt - WELCOME :) I'm also getting married at the Iberostar Del Mar on June 25, 2011. As Lindobride said, the 2010 Iberostar thread is awesome - it was actually what helped me make up my mind about what resort. We're also going to do the Italian restaurant for the reception - I know that it's an extra cost, but I just love the idea of having it private. I figure that I'll just cut back on something else that isn't as important to us :)

            I also have been trying to get in touch with DJ Doremixx, so hopefully I can get everything squared away with him soon.

            Lindobride - your new picture is cute! You two make a great couple :)
            I love the Italian restaurant! The only thing I'm concerned about is the wind factor. I'm getting married July 20 and am wondering if there wont be any breeze to cool us off at night since it's not on the beach. There are trees blocking the breeze from the beach (if I remember correctly)

            I'm kind of wishing there was an airconditioned option for a 4 hour private reception....

            #2286 IvanG

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              Posted 07 July 2010 - 03:25 AM

              Originally Posted by pitt2011
              I have not heard that you can have a reception in the Piazza! I wonder what that looks like?! I am very interested to know! When do you go for your site visit?

              I am really excited about DOREMIXX! The only thing is he isn't that prompt with returning my emails I emailed him first last Tuesday and didn't hear from him until Thursday and then again Friday night. I then responded to that email and havn't heard from him since. I feel like I'm the only one on here that isn't having any luck with the emails from him. Not sure, maybe he is just busy.....
              Hola Pitt2011!!

              I am really sorry, can you let me know when did you send us the e-mail, we had been experiencing some problems with our internet server but now is fixed probably we lost your e-mail, PM and I will send you the information ASAP.


              #2287 beaz2be

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                Posted 07 July 2010 - 01:06 PM

                Hi Ladies,
                just wanted to check in. Things are too busy for me these days and I haven't really had much time to stop by. Trying to keep up by skimming and stalking without posting. Lots of people have bought dresses and BM dresses - GORGEOUS! Congrats on all of the exciting news. I'm hoping that I'll be back on this thread in a few months or so commenting etc. but right now there's just no time. But I'll keep trying to review once in a while and be in touch periodically. Keep up all the awesome planning everyone!!

                #2288 pitt2011

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                  Posted 07 July 2010 - 04:04 PM

                  My STD magnets came today!! So excited, I love them!!

                  #2289 Lindobride14

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                    Posted 07 July 2010 - 04:22 PM

                    klc - Thanks for the nice comment :)

                    pitt- I really hope we get to meet the florist! I have a pic of the bouquet I want. It's sort of a cascading shape with orchids and roses, and I want to make sure he can do it! I have no idea about the BM bouquets, need to get on that. And then for centerpieces and ceremony decor, I have pics of a few diff ideas to show them.

                    What specifically did you want me to take pics of? I think they show you a book of some of the options for bouquets and centerpieces. I'm more than happy to take pics of that if you want.

                    As for the hair/makeup, I heard about Waves Salon on this forum. Trevor is the owner/head stylist. They will come to your resort for no extra charge. They offered me a discount based on the # of BM's I have getting their hair done. With the discount, it's 72 per person for hair and I think about 120 for both hair and makeup. Mine is I think 199 and includes a free trial.

                    At the resort's salon, they want 96 per person for hair and 95 per person for makeup. Steep!

                    Iberostar is currently running a special that you get a 75 dollar spa credit when you book your trip. It's good through 2010, and they're not sure if it'll be offered in 2011. If it is, my BM's and the mom's will probably use that towards their hair. If that's the case, I'll just have them use the resort's salon and I'll still use Trevor since he's doing my hair/makeup trial this month!

                    #2290 Lindobride14

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                      Posted 07 July 2010 - 04:29 PM


                      Correction -- At Waves, bride's hair and makeup including a free trial is $136 with my 20% group discount (need to have 9 or more ppl)

                      Otherwise, full price it's $170.

                      I will take pics of this as well so you can see his work

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