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Any 2011 Brides out there?

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Originally Posted by mexbride83 View Post
Oh my god... can I just say how jealous I am of you UK brides and your reception options over there!!!! I've googled some of these places you two have mentioned (Hever Castle, High Rocks, Bickley Manor) and they are so stunning, I can't imagine even doing a destination wedding!! Granted, I'm sure that it's completely different when these places are the norm where you live, but we have nothing like them in America, and I'm so jealous that you all do:) I had a friend, who lives in Wales (her husband is in the RAF) but is from Surrey, and her wedding pictures were absolutely to die for. The wedding was at Wedding Venue, Conference Rooms, Deluxe Holiday Accommodation in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK. It made me want to do a DW in the UK!!
I know, it is like those Fairy Tales' wedding location!! Castle...horse...garden..prince and princess! Not only the weather is usually bad in UK, their currency used to be so expensive too (like $2.20 CAD= 1 pound in 2008, now it is like 1.55 to 1). Maybe in 5 yrs, when the sterling pounds get crushed, then maybe UK can become a popular place for DW! heehee

I considered to get married at the Disney World (because of the Cinderella Castle), but due to my severe allergy to kids (LOL), I crossed that idea out of my mind!.

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Hi everyone! I haven't been on this thread in ages and it took me forever to catch up! I had to share the exciting news, though- we finally picked a date and resort and are putting our deposit down at Playacar Palace for May 7, 2011!! smile159.gif


I'm so glad to be done with all the researching! I was research-ed out and now I can get to the fun stuff!


Linhy: I went to Cancun 2 months ago and we went to XPlor, it's a new park owned by Xcaret and they have 2 huge ziplines, ATVs, rafting and cool underwater cave rivers and stuff. We had a blast!

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Mexbride83 - we are lucky but like Josietom said it's the weather over here. I to would worry and stress if our wedding was here. I can't wait to go to Mexico! :o) and we do sort of get the best of both worlds by having a AHR..The place your friend got married looks gorgeous!


Josietom - have you got your wedding dress yet? That's the thing sometimes dresses look totally different on than on the hanger! Yours are lovely.


Kurlyks - Congrats. Thats brilliant news, i bet you are so excited!! It's such a relief when you finally decide isn't it. We researched for months and it just did my head in, in the end! So happy for you :o)

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Ive only been away 24 hours and there is so much to catch up on already.....


josietoms..... Sounds like a good idea getting on to the hotel itself, i know some girls do that and they reserve the date for you, not sure how far in advance though!!! Let us know how yo get on :-)

That Debenhams dress is beautiful, what a fab find, I love it x The flip flops are so cute, i might go look at them for me!!! Haha x


Wecome sunflower... Another 2011 bride, where are you planning on getting married?


mexbride83... Awww, thanks, my nephew is the best, Just wish i didnt live so far away from him :-(

Love the dress the colour is lovely.


julie2011.. congratulations on your pregnancy, ok only 2 months to go but better late than never... Do you know what your having? or its the previous post saying you have a boy and your expecting your 2nd, do you mean 2nd boy or 2nd baby? (hope that makes sense?) haha :-)


Haha, Yes i agree with josietoms, i guess we dont really appriciate whats on your door step but i never appreciate the weather, especially the last 4/5 months... its never ending this ice n cold... we deserve a good summer i think, and even that is hard in this country!!!!

Oh n yes the price of a DW is definatly much more affordable and honeymoon inc in package 2 :-) my sis spent around £16000. on her wedding 5 years ago (around $24000) and it was an absolutly gorgeous wedding dont get me wrong but we just couldnt justify paying that for our wedding, as much as we cant wait to marry each other :-)


prettypigpig... you make me laugh with your allergy to kids comments... your so so funny :-) x


Kurlyks... welcome back and congratulations :-) Its so exciting x Ooooo, now the best really begins, as mexbride83 says... this is where the fun starts!!!


Michelle2011... I went to H&M today and bought one of those bags, i will take a pic 2moz and get it on here for you, they are not bad for £1.99, shame they dont do em in Aqua or else i would definatly opt for these :-)

Awwww, your son sounds so cute, and your daughter sounds so funny i bet she has everyone in stitches :-)

Im sure Thomson & Thomas cook think im stalking them..

Im stuck now with what to do... Hurry up prices so we can get booked......


Here is an unfinished website which im going to send to all friends and family... Obviously there are a lot of blanks at the mo as time, dates, prices etc etc are unknown. im not sending out to anyone until we have all the details but

what do you think so far?

are all the pics too much?

i keep playing around with it trying different things.... if anyone has any suggestions please please pass them on......... I want this to be perfect when i send it out and have as much info on as poss so everyone gets the same message..... if you know what i mean?


Our Wedding | Welcome | nicolaandstephen2011



Please be honest?



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kurlyks- thanks! I'll check it out. Yeah orig! We were gonna stay at the Dreams in Cabo and we were gonna do the cable zip like there. But now we are staying in cancun.

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kurlyks - so pleased for you especially if you have a date.... i have to wait for that.... now you can relax and have all the fun planning.


michelle2011 - i have ordered my dress - i went to the national wedding fair @ Olympia and ordered it. So not what I thought I would go for but just knew when i tried it on it was 'the one'. If someone can let me know how up to upload an image ill show you a sneaky peak. Its being made at the moment but takes approx 10 weeks.


Thanks for everyones comments re: bridesmaid dresses - am really pleased with the result.

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