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Share First Date - THis should be fun!

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#1 Loveisintheair

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    Posted 15 January 2010 - 01:14 PM

    It was a week after we we met on Saturday and we were both in the gym. We were planning to go out on Monday. Joseph thought it was me but he did not speak. I knew it was him but pretended I didn't notice him. As soon as Joseph got home he called me and we met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel (Joseph's favorite restaurant after O'Charley's). My first thought was..."he is shorter than I remember." But we went on our second date, bowling that night. (He was beat bad). We even have pictures to prove it.

    #2 Tifuhhknee

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      Posted 15 January 2010 - 01:35 PM

      We went to school together since 4th grade, but at a baseball game our sophomore year (we were both 16, yikes) he asked me out.

      I had a car and license, he did not yet. I picked him up a Friday night after school and we went to eat at a really popular "Mexican" restaurant in town. Then we went to the mall to walk around and my cousin was there. We were hanging out in the food court when this guy Nick walked up. My cousin had beef with him and punched him in the face, knocking him down into a table and chairs, then he ran off. It was memorable, to say the least. :o)
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      #3 Fruitcrush

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        Posted 15 January 2010 - 01:36 PM

        Okay, so don't laugh.. but, FI and I met off of Craigs List. (I know, a bit creepy right?) FI had posted saying that he was going to a jazz bar with a group to celebrate a friends birthday and was looking for a lady friend to meet. (I'm almost embarassed to admit the CL thing) So, needless to say, I responded to the ad.. I had nothing else going on at the time and said that I would meet him for a drink. So, when I arrived to the jazz bar, I was greeted by a group of his friends and I said that I was meeting Shawn. His friend Sean, quickly stood up and said, "I'm Sean!" (Not the Shawn I was looking for, he was about 5' 4" and asian-it was really cute and funny) And I said, "um, yeah, I don't think you are who I am looking for!" He told me Shawn was over by the bar so I walked over and introduced myself and the rest is history! The entire evening we talked and it was almost as if nobody else was around us! We were so fixated on one another. It was an amazing connection right away. And a great and memorable first date!! So, my first date was the first night we met! And the wonderful thing is, Shawns Grandparents had their first date on August 21st, the same as FI and I!

        We have been inseparable ever since and this was almost three years ago! It's amazing how we meet our mates isn't it!


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        #4 Kelitaw

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          Posted 15 January 2010 - 02:04 PM

          "Okay, so don't laugh.. but, FI and I met off of Craigs List. (I know, a bit creepy right?)"

          Not laughing...I met my FI on CraigsList as well :) I had posted an ad saying that men responding did not need to be over 6 feet tall to talk to me. FI responded saying he appreciated that I did not have a height requirement. We chatted for a few days online and then decided to meet up to go mini-golfing and to get ice cream. At the time I had a broken foot and had just gotten off crutches - just using the air cast. We had a great time mini-golfing and he was quite the gentleman...he held my pocketbook each time it was my turn to putt. We finished our round of golf, had ice cream, and chatted. While we were sitting at the picnic table some skunks appeared...when they got about 15 feet away I jumped up saying "Okay, this isn't fun anymore!" so we continuted chatting in his car. We stayed there until 1am! It was the perfect first date :) We still joke about the skunks and have exchanged more than once gift that involved a skunk.

          #5 purpleshells

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            Posted 15 January 2010 - 02:39 PM

            My fiance and I met on plentyoffish.com my friend who had met her bf at the time put me on there, i had given up on men, did not want to put myself online..but she said just try it...5min. later Jason(my fiance :) wrote to me and .... we met a week later, after talking on the phone and connecting so easily....we decided to meet, he showed up at my door.....my dog, greeting him and he bent down to say hi to her, which i thought was the cutest thing, i NEEDED an animal lover......we chatted on the couch for a little bit and went for coffee and we have been inseperable ever since...

            I think a lot of people meet off the net these days..almost every friend I have has done so.... I did not want to meet someone who was the party kind....through friends....no one really knew anyone...at school i was in the arts.....no need to say more there and I work with the elderly which once again if filled with women...so..... online was the best option afterall :)

            #6 jk1101

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              Posted 15 January 2010 - 02:40 PM

              FI & I went to high school together, but he found me 20 years later on classmates.com. he sent me a note saying he was happy to see I was still so pretty and he'd love to hear from me.
              I didn't remember him from his picture, but when we talked, we knew all the same people.

              We talked on the phone for a few hours andour first date he took me out on his motorcycle. When he came to pick me up, I recognized and remembered him right away and gave him a big hug - he says now that when I hugged him, he knew he was in trouble!

              We went to the beach and walked and talked, looked at the NYC skyline, watched the sunset and talked....I didn't even really know it was a date....I thought it was just two high school friends getting together and reminiscing....then we went to dinner, and kept talking...we had a lot in common...live music, traveling...not wanting kids, dating a lot of different people and not meeting the right one...then I was telling him about Rennaissance Faires and that I was supposed to go to one that weekend with some guy i'd been seeing and he said, "You should go with me instead". And immediately I thought....he's right, I should. The guy I'd been seeing had 3 kids, no job, living with his brother, while FI had a house, cars, job, motorcycles....no brainer right?

              so then FI rides me (motorcycle, remember?) home...and when he dropped me off, he kissed me....and that kiss went through me like no other...from my head to my toes I felt it....

              I went inside, called the other guy and told him i was sorry, but it wasn't going to work between us.

              FI called me the next day and asked me out for Friday night as well as Saturday to go to the Rennaisance Faire, and that Saturday night we went to a Halloween Party too.
              That Monday night he showed up at my house with Roses, and we've been together ever since.

              #7 debbmach

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                Posted 15 January 2010 - 03:43 PM

                We met through mutual friends on the night of my bday at a bar. We didn't really talk that night though, I was talking mainly to his friend. The following week we were at the Virgin Music Festival at Centre Island (in Toronto), I was sitting at a picnic table with a friend having a beer when I saw the 2 of them walking across the lawn. I ran over to them and started chatting (I'm fairly outgoing) and the 4 of us spent the day together. By the end of the day, we had definitely made a connection and exchanged numbers.

                Our first date, we just went out for dinner and drinks. What was so special about it, was how long we talked for! Knowing now that my FI takes a while to come out of his shell with new people, he opened up to me immediately. When dinner was over, neither of us wanted the date to end, so we walked along the street till we found a pub and went in there till it closed. Still remember what we both ate that night :)

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                #8 baj

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                  Posted 15 January 2010 - 04:16 PM

                  met my man at a disco, he was the dj and asked for my telephone number. He phoned the next day and invited me to his 41st Birthday party the following week. We talked every day on the phone leading up to his birthday party and then he dropped the bomb shell that his ex wife would be there, so was in two minds about going, but went anyway and ended up meeting all his friends and family as well as the ex wife but had a brill night and the rest is history.

                  #9 Loveisintheair

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                    Posted 15 January 2010 - 05:34 PM

                    I feel the love when reading these first dates. Can't wait to read more. It is amazing how these are so similar. Did anybody know he was the one on the first date?

                    #10 carolina24

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                      Posted 15 January 2010 - 06:10 PM

                      we work together (he is my manager lol) and on our first date we decided to go to a restaurant that was a bit out of the way just in case anyone saw us. he got up to use the restroom and when he got back, he said "you won't believe this but I just ran into so and so". one of the cooks at the restaurant we went to was also a linecook at the restaurant we work at! oops three years later and we're planning a wedding

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