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I am new here and wanted to say hi! My name is Marie and I am getting married in Cabo on Dec. 30th, 2006. I was originally planning on getting married at the Riu, but the wedding dept. doesn't return emails or communicated about anything. I know many people say you have to wait until closer to the wedding, but mine is only 2 1/2 months away and I want to make atleast some decisions now. I have decided to bag on the Riu and hire a wedding planner. As anyone used Katie Thompson at Weddings in Paradise? I have heard good and bad things at WIP. Any advice would be very helpful in regards to the Riu, wedding coordinators, beach locations and restaurants for the reception. Congrats on all the soon to be brides :-)

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Hello Marie! Wow, so is my interpretation of your post correct - you currently do not have a location for you 12/30/06 wedding?? You are brave!


Definitely do a search on WIP, I remember there being some problems with them. I'll see if I can find the thread & post back here for you.



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Hi Maria,

If you arent getting any responses from Riu I'd check out Dreams resort. They seem to both be on the same level as far as hotel quality goes and the girls on this forum have had good experiences with them. Good luck to you.

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DO NOT use WIP...one of our brides is using them and they have been horrible to her...ask tammym.


try maye c or lovely weddings instead.


here are some bad reviews on WIP:

some info on WIP..


"Is anyone planning on having their welcome/rehersal dinner at

Pancho's? Just a warning....they jacked their prices up A LOT just a

few weeks ago. Went up 25% on plated dinners and 50% on alcohol per

person per hour and are NOT willing to negotiate. I booked it about 7

months ago and now I'm looking to change or cancel altogether. With 2

1/2 months to go though I'm guessing I'm pretty much out of luck. If

anyone wants pricing, let me know."


"I'm sorry to here that, are you sure WIP is not behind the

increase? They are the owners of Panchos. I hope it works out for you.

We were going to check into Margaritavilla for a rehersal dinner, but

I'm not sure on the pricing. Hope all is going well."




I had a horrible experience w/Katie as well.

Just be careful.





My poor experience with WIP was also with Katie. I am wondering if perhaps it just depends on which coordinator you happen to get there. I would think that a batch of coordinators working for the same company would have the same guidelines to work with, but this does not sound like the case with WIP.






I can't speak for Beth at WIP because I worked with Katie. When I met

her on my scouting trip she was great. She was very responsive to

emails and answered all my questions. However when it came to prices

she was not willing to negotiate and they increase there prices

double. They tell you if you can get a better price that you can book

the vendor on your own, but they will not be responsible the day of

the wedding nor will they make sure those vendors are on time, set

up, ect. I was very annoyed with this because my whole purpose of

hiring them was to make sure the Big Day went smoothly.

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