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Andi - Thank you for all of your helpful tips for Vallarta Palace.  Besides the Triton Pool Terrace where you had your welcome dinner, do you know of options for reception locations etc?  We'll have over the 25 people so we can't do a sit down dinner (and that's okay with us).  I don't have a WC yet - and won't for another month!  Our date is Feb '11. 

Also, did you upgrade on your transportation from the airport to the resort?


Thanks again for all of your GREAT tips!





Hi Kara, I don't know if I can be of much help because I didn't have a large group and I didn't get married at the palace so I am not sure about the transportation question (our guests just took cabs from the airport)


So I know that having a reception on the beach is a possibility but I am not sure of how many people they can do that for. The other option I think was a conference room? But again I am not positive on that one


sorry! I really am no help, maybe someone else can chime in

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Kara- My fiance and I are getting married at Vallarta Palace and so I am wondering how your experience was with the resort.  How many guests did you end up having and do you have any hints/advices?  Many congratulations on your recent nuptials! Thanks!



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