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Mrseddy's (long) MOON PALACE REVIEW-11/27/09- HEAVY PICS!!

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Thank you so much for the review! Putting prices really is helping me ball park a few things. I am getting married at a different palace resort

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Thanks so much for taking the time to give such a detailed review! I am freaking out a little since I hadn't even thought to bring my own table decor etc. Great tip!

How many petals did you get- was it the right amount, not enough, or too manyhuh.gif

Thanks again,


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Thanks to everyone for all of the nice messages!!


Navi2010, I ordered 110 cups. I doubled the special, which at the time was buy 25 cups and get 30 free. (2x55=110 cups for $115 with tax ).


Here's an excerpt from another post where I commented on the flowers:

There were limited colors for this special but I was undecided between two colors and Very Berry happened to be one of them and was part of the special.


As far as how many to get, I think every single person (43 not including DH and I) grabbed a handful of petals. You want a couple of good pictures and you can get that from just a few people throwing them right in front of you. If you have more questions you should call them directly. I spoke with someone there and she was very helpful and patient and explained how many cups I should get.


I gave the flowers to Val at our on-site meeting and explained that i wanted a few scattered on the aisle and in the gazebo. She said the aisle would be hard to do b/c the wind might scatter them but on the stairs and inside the gazebo would be better. As always, I listened to what Val said:) We didn't have flower girls. The petals were there before people arrived at the gazebo. I had the rest sprinkled on the reception tables. We felt 110 cups was the perfect amount. If you have flower girls you can change your allocation of petals (less on tables, etc) or simply order more.

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