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Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Wedding Review by Edsweety - Dec 19, 2009 wedding

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I dont know if he did..but I was told he would have been able to have that..so I dont think that is an issue..just put this on your list.


Nicole..was very very accommodating...she would walk with me to the beach, the pool my room the restaurant...she had no problem in being accessible and at your service..seriously. Your meeting with her takes up as long or as short as you want..


My private reception was in the Gourmet restaurant..we danced right in there and had the placed booked which cost 800 for the time frame..until about 11 I think. Cocktail reception was additional we had to pay for that about 8 dollars per person.


We had a meet and greet on Friday day time..we just told people to stop by lobby bar for that one..nothing big.


I am getting the pics together


Originally Posted by magz88 View Post

Congratulations on your wedding and Thanks so much for your honest review. That is too bad that there were a few mixups but I guess we all have to prepare ourselves for the possibility. I will be having a fairly large party at my wedding in may as well so I will keep your advice in mind.


I have a few questions for you:


1. Did the DJ have an ipod hookup so you could play your own playlist?

2. When meeting w Nicole, did it take up a lot of your day? were you able to get things done in a productive and quick way? I don't want to miss a whole day at the beach...hehe

3. Did you have dancing at the mediterranean restaurant or did you go to the disco for your reception? If you went to disco, Did you rent restaurant at 7:30 til 8:30 for dinner, and then disco from 8:30 - 10:30?

4. For the welcome dinner/ cocktail party, did you pay extra for that or did they include? Or did you just give your guests an "itinerary" in which it said to meet at a certain bar at a certain time?


Thanks so much for all your help. This is so helpful when trying to decide what to do...


congratulations again.

Can't wait to see pics!



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Yes the wind did blow but it was fine. I did wear my veil. It wasnt a problem.


the pic thing is a mess. please pm your email and i will send pic


Originally Posted by BostonBride2010 View Post
Thanks for your detailed review! I can't wait to see pictures. I'm also getting married at the Lazy River. Was it very windy there? Did you wear a veil? Let me know- thanks!

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Thanks for such an honest and great review!


Most of my guests will also be coming from the DC area, if you dont mind my asking, what rates did your guests end up paying? For how many nights? I"m trying to figure out how much pp it will cost to stay at Iberostar Suites but I'm worried it will be too much.


Congrats on your wedding and thanks for your help!

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This review is SO helpful...Thank you!! i will PM you with my email address. I would love to see photos. You had mentioned that you were able to have your dance at the gourmet restaurant. I believe that I read somewhere in their information that the $800 only included beer and wine. Is that true? If so, did you have the option to pay extra for mixed drinks?

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Hi Ladies,


thanks so much for sharing all the great reviews.  I am new to the site and this forum and was wondering if anyone had pictures of the various venues?  I am not sure where to have the reception dinner, any suggestions?  We have recently booked our wedding for November of 2011 and I am sooooooo excited.

Thanks for any advice!

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