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Stephanie & Jason's PRO Pic Slideshow

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Originally Posted by A10CALGAL View Post
OK, I just got to see the whole thing! Our connection at home is SO much better than work.

You look so great! I really felt the emotion in your pics. And, I have to say, you almost look like a picture in a picture in some of those - you look so perfect!! Super sweet slideshow!
Some people at work asked me if the ones with the sun setting was a background - UH NO, that's real. Thanks for your sweet comments

Originally Posted by AQHARIDER View Post
Great pictures Stephanie- you looked gorgeous! I can't believe how tan you are! lol

There are so many great pics, but i love the one where you are walking down the stairs and stop and lift your skirt and pose...too cute.
I think the leg lift got the most comments, it might need to become my siggy pic.

Originally Posted by KAMEYER70 View Post
Gorgeous! I love the photography and how Pepe captured so many of your expressions.
Me too, I didn't want a lot of real "posed" looking shots, and I think he captured our spirit well.

Originally Posted by LALA View Post
I LOVE the one of you on the beach with your arms up in the air!!! Awesome!
That's one of my favorites also.

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