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hey! I am getting married in Nov 2013 there as well..

But finding things very hard to figure out, as they are unwilling to budge on anything and upcharge for all.. I have a very small wedding with only about 30 people and although Eleane is very kind and nice, any suggestions out of the normal are bucked at. Have you found this? Again I realize that its for conveneience but when its all inclusive i find hard to pay $1000s to just get together?

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I totally agree!  We are also getting married Nov 16th and staying at Dreams PV.  We are planning on using the Mexican Fiesta night as our "Welcome Dinner" because brides have said they are much more willing to push tables together and accommodate large groups on this night.  When we have other group dinners, we just plan on showing up and hoping to sit somewhat close to each other.   When we went to Dreams last November for our site visit, most of the restaurants were empty or at least had plenty of space, but if we are all getting married in November, this should be interesting LOL. 

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