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March 2010 Jamaica B2b's

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#41 Loveisintheair

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    Posted 24 February 2010 - 06:37 PM

    I have taken most of my pics. Just need to get one of FI's suit. Then I will post my thread. Probably won't be until Thursday. So much pressure Kerrij!! :-) All of your stuff looked great.

    I had a work bridal shower today. It was so nice. I was so overwhelmed by all the love. So I have three more work days then I am out. Soooooo ready!

    Baj....OMG you will be gone.

    This has been the greatest experience having you ladies to share this with. I will be back afterwards. I am a little BDW addict.

    #42 Loveisintheair

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      Posted 24 February 2010 - 06:38 PM

      Oh yeah and Moody no shame from me...that is Kerrij all the way.

      #43 Loveisintheair

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        Posted 26 February 2010 - 05:17 PM

        Just giving an update..

        Baj..just few more days to go then you are out of here!

        Well ladies..I guest I almost done with everything. Kind of strange to be end of such a long process. FI works tonight so I am going to finish my planning thread, read a book and pack some. And going out!!! I have not been out without FI in awhile so looking forward to my last non-MRS outing with the girls.

        Have a great weekend and farewell Baj...

        #44 msmoodyr

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          Posted 26 February 2010 - 06:40 PM

          Baj.. Have fun!! Save some sand for the rest of us!!

          Hi, Girls!! I have been in cram mode .. I lost a whole weekend last week with my bachelorette party lol so I am playing catch up ...

          I have ordered just about everything I am going to order .. I need to do my OOT bags and that is it .. i will be watching for the delivery man next week ...

          Still on my to do list:
          OOT Bags
          My wedding jewelry
          On the fence about a hair flower
          Playlist ..we may end up getting a DJ if we cant get it done .. IDK
          Oh yeah and get one of those hard shell suitcases

          I really scaled down some .. last min cramming I guess .. dont have the energy to do all the extravangant things .. but I'm soooo ready to go ..

          #45 baj

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            Posted 28 February 2010 - 07:43 PM

            Hi Ladies, well the wait is nearly over for me. leave tomorrow, everythig finally packed, checked and checked that I have not forgot anything.

            msmoodyr - hope everything is going well, I return 16/03/10 so think I arrive back just before you leave.

            kerrij - hope you were pleased with the final alterations and your garter arrived
            loveisintheair - hope you got your veil and found your something blue.

            Good luck with the rest of your planning ladies and I hope you all have a perfect wedding day.

            Will post pics & review when I get back.

            #46 msmoodyr

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              Posted 01 March 2010 - 12:33 AM

              Baj you will love Negril!! It is really paradise .. I had so much fun when I went last year!!

              This is the start of what seems to be an emotional week for me .. So much happiness and excitement ..

              #47 Loveisintheair

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                Posted 01 March 2010 - 12:51 PM

                OMG Baj is gone..!!

                I leave Wednesday morning..so close. I see you are in full swimg moody :)

                Moody you talk about emotional..I am emotional about certain things but not everything. So last night we are putting together our ceremony music and I am balling about every thing.

                My song has me so overwhelmed. It is the most beautiful song ever to me. Cynthia Lang..All I need.

                I told my FI I was sorry because I was so emotional.

                Yesterday was the best day of mife. Feb 28th will always be a special day for me!

                Going to try really hard to get planning thread done but no promises.

                #48 kerrij

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                  Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:02 PM

                  OOOMMMMMGGGGG!! BAJ IS GONE!!! YAYA!!! it's coming soooo fast now! 4 sleesp for me!! thank you girls for being here to share this with me!!! love this website so much!

                  Love i gotta go see if you posted your thread, can't wait to see it!

                  My garter still hasn't come...eeek!

                  Loveis, why was yesterday the best day of your..mife?

                  Did you guys watch the mens hockey game??!!! OMG i cried!!! what an amazign game...sorry to you us girls! FI and i were at the olympics...watch USA kick Finlands but in the mens hockey and then watched the men Fins get bronze! soooo great! so now that they olympics are over i'm in FULL WEDDING MODE! my stomach has been in knots and flipping with excitment!! YAY US!!! hehehe

                  So i actually am NOT happy with my alterations, but it will be fine! my new motto now is OH WELL! and it really seems to work!! OH WELL!! hehhehe

                  I'm working on our vows right now...i hated the ones our ministser says so we are writing the whole script. i pulled some stuff together from this website, printed it and let FI read it on the plane to Van and he said, why do i have to do this right now, i'm gonna cry! hahah dork! he didn't cry but he LOVED it, so now i just need to put it together and send it to the WC. yay!

                  BAJ I'm sooooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have so much fun!!! will be thinking about your on your big day...which is the day I leave!! and Love, you are the day after I arrive!! moody...you need to post your wedding date cause i forget yours! Ooohh what a great time in our lives girls!!!!

                  #49 Loveisintheair

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                    Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:52 PM

                    Kerrij..I meant life..typing too fast! Lol! Sorry about the alterations but that is a good philosphy to take. I need to do our program. Won't be stunning but good enough at this point. Everything is else is wonderful so people will have to get over it. We have decided to do one more favor because we love our ceremony music that we are going to make a copy of all the songs and give as gifts. Like we needed one mor thing to do!!!

                    No planning thread yet..really trying. I took all the pics but it has been so busy. I finished our vows this weekedn and I love them so much.

                    Need to do programs
                    Make CDs
                    Pick up dress
                    Get hair done
                    Get manicure..already got pedi
                    Clean first floor of house..finished second floor
                    Buy FI swim trunks

                    #50 msmoodyr

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                      Posted 01 March 2010 - 03:12 PM

                      Kerri, My date is 3/13 ..wooohoooooo

                      Love .. I'm going to google that song .. I was listening to some Stevie Wonder trying to pick our first dance lol ..and that pretty much opened the tear ducts ... not to mention everyone else around me being all emotional ...

                      Time is truly flying ..every day I get more and more nervous lol

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