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March 2010 Jamaica B2b's

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#31 Loveisintheair

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    Posted 18 February 2010 - 02:03 PM

    Keerij..How did your alterations work out?

    Baj.. CONGRATS on the suit!!! I have stressed this company so much about FI's suit and my dad that I know they are ready to ship our order :-) They said they will try to have it out before Saturday and should be here 3 days after that!! I am so happy.

    I need to find a new veil. Also I founs something blue. My theme is starfish..so I found a blue swavorski(probably misspelled) crystal starfish brooch. I will pin on the bouquet somewhere.

    Baj.. you are the first to get married...I am so excited for you!!!

    It is surreal we are all so close.

    #32 baj

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      Posted 18 February 2010 - 02:46 PM

      Kerrij - hope our alterations went well & you now have your ring back.

      Loveistheair -I feel so musch better now H2b's suit is sorted, he is going to collect it tomorrow. Everything else is now done and I am really excited and looking foward to when we travel, finish work next Thursday and just enjoying winding down. 2 weeks tomorrow & I will be Mrs.

      #33 Loveisintheair

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        Posted 19 February 2010 - 11:48 AM

        The suits will be in Monday.. God is so good. All of my stressing for nothing now they just need to fit! My FI wanted me to order a smaller size than I was measuring on his waist luckily we didn't because then he realized that his clothes were a bigger size.

        Finished my tropical treat bags. Got the pashmina order! They are beautiful! Going get make-up trial tonight.

        Oh the workouts have been a beast. My body hurts :-(

        Baj..I wish I didn't have anything else to do. But I am finishing this weekend so I can relax next weekend. Got a massage gift card at bridal shower so I will use that next weekend.

        THanks for reading my rants..no family by me so this is my outlet.

        #34 kerrij

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          Posted 22 February 2010 - 07:44 PM

          Baj, just a few more sleeps!!! 11 more for me until we leave and 2 weeks tomorrow until I'm a MRS!!!

          So i went to get my w band on friday cause it finally came in...it's to big!! as in to tall! it raises higher than my e ring so they have to get it remade. doh! but my guy is going to make me a plain gold band for free for my troubles. i'm pretty happy as it was my back up plan and i like it! so i'll have a plain gold band i can keep and wear forever and then my eternity band i'll get after and then maybe FI and i can go for dinner or do something special and I'll let him put it on my finger. :)

          Glad the suits are in Baj!! Love, did your arrive today, how are they?! so exciting eh! I'm still waiting for my garter, should be this week!

          Alterations....expensive!! $260 cash for a teeny tiny hem, which i should have done myself after watching her do it and then i need it taken in around the boobs and chest. not much needed to be done but a lot of moola i thought i pick up my dress on wednesday! hopefully it's good!

          So now we are so close what do you girls have left to do? here is my list...

          Finish the CDs and put them in the bags.
          Wait for the Groomsman iron ons to arrive in the mail (ordered them before i knew i could DIY soooo easiliy and cheap!)
          Find some earrings...changed my mind about my something old (cameo, not going to wear it anymore, happy!!)
          Pick up my dress
          Courier out a couple of the welcome bags to people who arrive on different days than us.
          PACK!! yay!!!!!!!
          Next week I'm off to Jamaica!! Baj this week YOU ARE!!!!!

          #35 kerrij

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            Posted 22 February 2010 - 07:45 PM

            Love, when do you leave?

            #36 kerrij

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              Posted 22 February 2010 - 07:46 PM

              Oh and another to do! Post my Planning Thread! are you girls posting yours? i have mine saved in word and just need to figure out how to post it! hahah
              (ok this is my last post! for now...3 in a row is enough! lol)

              #37 Loveisintheair

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                Posted 23 February 2010 - 02:05 PM

                Kerrij... I am so happy everything is working out!!!

                We leave March 3rd. I am soooooooooooo ready. I starting going through my own summer clothes and bought a few things as well. I pick up my dress on the 2nd and get my hair done.

                Since Fi works Friday...Friday night I am going to pack everything for both of us. Saturday is relax day..going to get a massage and a pdei and mani.

                Still need to do music and finish up our vows and let FI read them to make sure he is okay with them. I do plan on posting a planning thread as well. Everyone has helped me out so much that I feel I owe one. But we will see because my dreams of grandeur get smaller as time flies by. I had some handkersheifs made and waiting for them.

                Last project is card for the key holder.

                Oh and FI suit looks perfecto on him. He looks so handsome! I am just the most blessed women to have him. :-))))

                And I had two more people book today..happy because I needed 10 rooms for the free wedding and only had nine but now I need to send them pre-wedding packet and make enough stuff for them as well. Only planned for 16 guest now I have 18 guests. The more the merrier!

                #38 baj

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                  Posted 23 February 2010 - 06:18 PM

                  Hi ladies, well only 10 more days for me and 6 until we travel, some of H2b's family travel on Thursday so will be there a few days before us.

                  Finish work on Thursday so intend to pack Friday, nails arranged for Saturday and a relaxing day on Sunday before we leave on Monday.

                  Dental appointment tomorrow filling came out last night, just my luck.

                  Not long for every body now ladies

                  #39 msmoodyr

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                    Posted 23 February 2010 - 11:38 PM

                    Ok you girls are putting me to shame ... Im still trying to pull things together lol .. I still have 2 weeks before we leave to get it done

                    #40 kerrij

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                      Posted 24 February 2010 - 06:23 PM

                      It's so exciting to have other girls in the same boat as me, with just a few days left to go!!

                      Baj a filling! oh no!

                      I pick up my dress tonight...I'm worried about back fat though! when she pinned it for it to be altered around the top, back fat was squishing out. so we'll see how it looks tonight...eeeek!!

                      I just got the script for the ceremony today...and I don't like it, but i don't think i have time to write our own...I'll have to search this site to get some inspiration...thank goodness for my slooooow office job and the internet!

                      You girls all make sure you come back to this thread after you're back and fill me in, ok!! We are gone for 2 weeks so we aren't back until March 19th so I'll be delayed in reading it all, but fill me in!! YAY!!!

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