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Big Arms, Back Fat...and other grief

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#1 isaidyes

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    Posted 31 December 2009 - 02:03 AM

    I had my final dress fitting today. Everything went well except for the part where I gained 10 pounds over the holidays (the dress fits fine fortunately) and my arms looked especially huge. The seamstress was tightening the dress so much that my back was bulging into these fat rolls...sooooooo not attractive. We leave for our Jamaican wedding on January 17th so i'm pretty much screwed.

    I honestly tried to be good today - started off the morning with a poached egg, whole grain toast and tea. Then DF and i were running some last minute wedding errands at Michaels and Walmart and DF ran into Walmart to get the paper puffs while I sat in the car with the dog...and low and behold...what does he come out of Walmart with? MCDONALDS!!!!! Ugh...so, being the good eater I am I subsequently ate my entire mcchicken and medium fries, followed by a big tasty diet coke. I am so disappointed in myself.

    Tomorrow is New Years Eve (well today now...seeing as how it's midnight) and DF wants to do Fish & Chips - which of course is a favourite of mine.

    I miss the metabolism I used to have.

    Any advice girls? I'm thinking i'll have to survive off water, salads, lean protiens and a whole lot of exercise for the next two weeks...maybe i can lose five pounds

    Wow...sorry this is long...had to vent

    #2 inspiredfyre

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      Posted 31 December 2009 - 02:14 AM

      You will be fine I'm sure, you just have to really stick to a plan of strict diet and exercise!! The same exact thing happened before my wedding. I actually got my dress a size smaller, and even though the dress finally fit, I wasn't able to lose enough weight to look great, but it was because I was already over the months of dieting, and going into my "i'm going to just enjoy the few weeks before we go away, it's essentially my wedding..." trust me!! You'll feel better if you can motivate yourself, and try to explain to your other half that it's almost like trying to help someone quit smoking!! They have to be your support system, or it'll be that much more temptation, so I'm rooting for you to resist McD's!! I KNOW you can do it, and best of luck!!



      #3 shellk

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        Posted 31 December 2009 - 03:01 AM

        i would leave the diet for today and start 2nd january cause you will eat badly ny day to soak up the alcohol right?you will be fine.your dress fits you and your hubby to be loves you thway you are.

        #4 vdaybride

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          Posted 31 December 2009 - 03:12 AM

          Sending out good vibes to you. Stay positive, brush your teeth often..studies suggest that you eat less after a fresh brushed mouth.. no one likes the taste of toothpaste with chocolate chip cookies. Also drinks lots of water. fefore during and after your meals, it makes you feel full faster. As you said the dress fits and as Shells said he loves you the way you are. Good luck
          Married 2-14-2010 Dreams, Los Cabos


          #5 poohshek

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            Posted 31 December 2009 - 03:13 AM

            A couple of things you can do between now and your big day:

            1. Cardiovascular exercises or Interval Training to get your heart pumping and raise your metabolism.
            2. Cut out the booze - I know it is easy to say but hard to do.
            3. Cut down on salt intake.
            4. Drink lots of water.
            5. Cut out fast food and eat clean (salads, grilled chicken/fish).
            6. Cut down on carbohydrates intake (bread, pasta).

            At this point, do what you can and don't stress out over it. Hope this helps.

            #6 isaidyes

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              Posted 31 December 2009 - 03:22 AM

              Thanks Girls! Tomorrow is a new day right? Fortunately I had a little minor surgery earlier this week so I'm on some medication that prohibits alcohol...it's going to be a dry New Years LOL...but that's probably for the best!

              #7 Barbo

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                Posted 31 December 2009 - 03:40 AM

                Check out hot yoga, go everyday until your wedding! :)

                #8 SusieQ

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                  Posted 31 December 2009 - 05:40 AM

                  Oh I hear and feel your pain... I was sick just before the holidays and lost 6 lbs... Oh its back and a few extra to keep that 6 company. I feel gross when putting on my jeans let alone my wedding dress.
                  My plan is to cut out the vino and i am also doing a cleanse for two weeks right after the new year. My son did it a few months ago and lost 8 lbs. He was eating a ton of junk and just feeling sluggish for months and he did some research on this body cleanse.
                  Good Luck hun and try not to stress over it.

                  #9 SgtPepperette

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                    Posted 31 December 2009 - 08:43 AM

                    I dont really have any suggestion exercise/diet wise...but just wanted to add that please dont let this get you down on your wedding day.

                    I know we have this vision on how we want to look, and when we dont meet those standards get really down on ourselves. Remember that your husband to be loves you for you, and you two are getting married! Having a perfect figure on your wedding day is nice, but in the end there is so much more that matters.

                    Obviously Im not saying throw everything out the window, just dont beat yourself up over it if you dont lose the 10lbs by your wedding day.

                    Now Im speaking from experience. I have gained a lot of weight in the last year, some of it due to health problems, and some of it due to personal decisions. I obsessed over it. Literally. And still am after the wedding and seeing the pictures. So bad that when our TTD pictures came back, my husband said, please be kind to yourself. You are beautiful no matter how you look.

                    I have to admit, it sort of has brought a negative cloud bearing over us. I can see the frustration and sadness in my husband eyes when all I can talk about is how much back fat I had, or big my arms looked. In reality only I noticed those things, everyone else just keeps complimented me on how beautiful I look, and how great we looked as a couple. But of course I have blinders on since Im obsessing so much. What I should focus on is how the amazing day was captured (and it surpassed amazing by miles!), and I am now married to my best friend!

                    Just thought Id put that out there from someone who has had experience in this subject before :)

                    #10 isaidyes

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                      Posted 31 December 2009 - 12:30 PM

                      My plan is to cut out the vino and i am also doing a cleanse for two weeks right after the new year. My son did it a few months ago and lost 8 lbs. He was eating a ton of junk and just feeling sluggish for months and he did some research on this body cleanse.

                      What cleanse are you doing?

                      I have done hot yoga in the past and it's an awesome class...good idea!

                      Thanks for the support girls. I'm not going to let it get me down if I don't look "perfect" but I am definately going to cut out any booze, fast food, most carbs(except fruits and vegetables)

                      Can't wait for the New Year

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