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Cellcosmet - Have you heard of it?

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Hi everyone!


So I went to a dermatologist yesterday to make sure my complexion will be spotless for my wedding, and she started recommending a bunch of products.


Most were with the GlyMed line, which I've heard great things about and eagerly started using. It's a little pricey but GREAT!


The one product I hadn't heard much about is the Cellcosmet line. It's a really new product that involves active living cells, which when come in contact with your older cells stimulates and actually causes regrowth in areas where they've become weak. She suggested this for my undereye area (I've always had thin skin resulting in dark bags). Now, this all sounds like pretty amazing stuff, but I couldn't find many reviews on the stuff.


Have any of you heard of it? Know anyone who uses it? Recommend it?


It's really expensive and I'm not interested in wasting my money!!!


Thanks in advance cheesy.gif

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