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Originally Posted by dragonfly View Post
Jaime-Lynn I don't know how I missed this thread, I am not being a very good dw mom to you now am I! I hope you are doing better, and I hope you are milking this for all it's worth, we must take advantage of the unfortunate incident's in life, it is the only silver lining to being in pain. You tell Martin I say he better be taking good care of you.

I now get why you felt it was your job to entertain Tammy, I am not very quick am I!

I was having an off week my kids were away with their dad for vacation, and now they are home, so all is right with the world yet again! I will check in with you soon...

Kelly~ I changed my pic just for you!
Martin took excellent care of me - he makes a cute nurse! wink.gif

I love your pic Kelly!! You're beautiful!!! Thanks, now I can finally put a face to the name. :)

FYI girls, my foot is doing MUCH better thanks! Since we put ice on it right away and propped it up for the first day it has healed amazingly fast. I'll be able to walk on it at the Dallas Bridal Expo today - YAY!!!!! smile72.gif

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Originally Posted by TammyB View Post
Which one is you?
Not sure if you were talking to me but I am going to assume, sweet hug2.gif of you to ask, always nice to be thrown a bone smile120.gif I would be the one on your left hand side. Kenda is on the right, she is my 15 year old daughter, isn't she beautiful?

Jaime, I am so glad you are doing better, glad Martin is such a sweetheart, I knew he would take good care of you!

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