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Grooms & Groomsman... wedding attire

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So i want to kno whow you girls decided what the guys in the wedding party & the groom will where... i tried searching online but i dont know where to really go and buy the outfits.. I am looking for something very light.. beige linen pants and white shirt.... any sugestions on how you girls went about deciding on what the guys will wear??


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Beach Wedding Attire & Dresses, Linen Wedding Pants, Shirts, Guayabera, Hawaiian, Havana, and Linen Suits


I just discovered this website and thought it was pretty good. You can order swatches of all of the colors to make sure that the shirts will definitely match the dresses.


I havn't ordered anything from them yet but probably will down the road.





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I suggest using the search feature at the top tool bar; I just typed groom attire and all the threads below (in addition to many others) came up.












Additionally you may want to ready peoples planning threads as it almost always includes the grooms attire and where it was purchased.

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