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Kool Beach Club Playa Del Carmen

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Hi to all the girls interested in Kool, here is the low down:


- You can have your reception till 2am here


- Your reception cannot start until 7pm because they close at 6 to the public and then need an hour to finish setting up for private events


- Lilliana is the event coordinator there but you still need to get all your own vendors


- She can assist you with getting your information from other vendors


- I was told for us there is no rental fee because we are having 80 plus guests


- I am not sure if there is a fee and how many guests you have to have in order not to have the fee


- I am fluent in Spanish and managed to make connections on our site visit with lots of vendors so I booked all of the vendors myself. This was huge for us because I was able to negotiate quite a few prices.


- Also you should know Kool has a policy where you have to go through them for music and use their dj, we got quoted $1,045 for 5 hours and it included all kinds of special equipment. This of course is the 2009 rate.


- Another huge plus for us was you don’t need a dance floor; they have a large raised stone patio surrounded by lounge areas. It is right next to a pool that they fill with candles and the bar is also right there. This meant another savings; we don’t need to rent lounge areas.


- I love the food at this location. On our site visit we ate lunch a lot here. We went with a buffet rather than a sit down because we want something more informal


- We chose the Grilled Buffet which goes for $30 Per Person and we chose the #2 National Open Bar for5 hours for $38 per person (these are 2009 rates)


- If anyone would like the menu and open bar options please e-mail jesmcan@yahoo.com and I will send everything on. I have to 2010 rates as well.


- Also with this location you have to rent the linens. I got the linens through Liliana at Kool and for 100 people the total came to $750


- We did hire wedding planner Yazmin De La Mora for the day of our wedding so I don’t have to worry about anything


- Here is a list of my vendors:


Kool Beach Club

KOOL - Restaurant bar by playa tukan

Liliana – eventos@koolbeachclub.com.mx and eventos.kool@yahoo.com.mx



Flash Portfolio | Top Mexico Photographers | Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer Samuel Luna




Ivan Gomex – DJ Doremixx


djcunmix@gmail.com, ivan@doremixx.com



Marvin Jose Ku Kinil

.::: Maya Diseño Floral Profesional :::. Flores y Plantas Exóticas




Zaida Marcos




Wedding Planner

Yazmin De La Mora

Yazmin De La Mora - Weddings & Catering



Make Up

MAC Cosmetics

Ultra femme Avenida 5a Norte Lt. 15 Loc. 1 Mza. 27 entre calle 12 y 16 Centro

Playa del Carmen, 77710 Mexico

+52 984 803 4661


more to come.....


We are doing our ceremony and cocktail hour at the Royal and are having a mariachi band lead is to Kool for the reception


Please don't hesitate to ask if anyone has any questions




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Thanks for all of the information Jess...it sounds like you did a lot of legwork while you were in Playa. I esp love the idea of the Mariachi leading you to the reception. I love the beach receptions at the Royal but this is definitely something to consider. We'll have to check it out during out site visit this May. I'll prob PM you later for more info...

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Hi! Good luck moving your wedding, looks like even though you switched gears, you are completely organized!!!


I'm just wondering if you know the pricing for your wedding cake? I'm not very fond of the cakes at The Royal and being a cake decorator myself, I want something spectacular!



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Hi Jess, this was so helpful. I'm planning 50 guests, but not all will be staying at the Royal and I haven't got any info back from them on how that works with regards to a private reception and non-guests so this might be the way to go. Any info you have is greatly appreciated as to why you chose Kool Beach as opposed to having the private reception on the beach. Thanks!!!



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Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks for posting!


Can I ask how you've liked working w/ Yazmin so far? What exactly will she be doing for you (versus Liliana)? I'm also considering getting a WC for the day of the wedding just to be sure all details are handled, but I'm not clear as to what they would do specifically...

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