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July 2010 Brides - How's the Planning Going?

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Hey Ladies,


Can't believe we're just over 6 months away!


Here's an update on our Done List and Still to Do List:



- Ordered my dress

- Bought my ceremony shoes

- Purchased FI's outfit

- Sent Invitations (we didn't do STD's) and have 43 RSVP's back saying their coming

- Most guests have put deposits down

- Have reception site, ceremony date and time all set and booked with WC

- Bought Sand Ceremony Frame

- Bought Guest Book Picture Frame (we're having our guests sign the mat)

- BM's have purchased their dresses

- Created 100 postcards for OOT Bags through Vista Print

- Ordered Bouquets, Bouts and Corsages from Plumerias

- Working on Pre-departure Brochure and Meet the Guest Page

- Working on bags and mugs (have a contact and will order in the new year!)

- Booking Boudoir Shoot for late February (extra gym motivation!)

- Purchased my wedding bands

- Planning music using spreadsheet...most music decided on

- Created Program template fr ceremony


Still To Do:

- Get GM's outfits (waiting till our March Break trip to the states)

- Get paperwork legalized (3 months out)

- Purchase FI's wedding band

- Have hair trials

- Get Reception flat sandals (probably silver flip flops)

- Load I POD with playlists for ceremony and reception

- Choreograph and practice our Rock the Reception first dance

- Finalize centre pieces (I'm thinking we'll use the girls bouquets on silver chargers with sea shells around)

- Work on OOT Bags

- Create Luggage Tags to send with pre-departure brochure (End of March)

- Print programs and assemble ceremony program fans


That's all I can think of...it's late! I'd love to hear how others are making out in the planning process!

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HOLY MOLY, you're scaring me Bahiabride! Ok, here goes:


- Ordered my dress

- Bought my ceremony shoes

- Sent Invitations STD's/Invites (combined the two, they were a lot of work!) 30 or so RSVP's back saying their coming

- Ceremony date and time all set and booked with WC

- Working on Pre-departure Brochure and Meet the Guest Page

- Have hot sauce favors, and fan favors

- Made most luggage tags

- Have maraca tags designed

- Picked out Mugs

- Booked 2 photogs (yay! My favorite part!)

- Picked out centerpieces

- Designed wedding website

- Flights booked


Still To Do:

- Get Grooms outfit

- Get paperwork legalized (3 months out)

- Purchase our wedding bands

- Find 4 " shoes for the beach - GRRRR

-Purchase everything I've picked out! (maracas- 3 months out, centerpieces, mugs)

- make maraca tags and finish luggage tags, make Pre-departure Brochure and Meet the Guest Page

- Pick flowergirl/ring bearer outfits (it's up to my niece, we will buy in Denver in March when I go for bachelorette party!)

- Work on my DIY rhinestone clothes project

- Gather inspiration photos (hair, flowers) to take with me to resort

- Get my jewelry for the big day



WOW- seems like I have a lot to do. But I've already done a lot too I suppose....

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Hey LadyTrunck...you've done quite a bit too! It's really amazing how many little things add up. Right now I'm loving checking things off of my list that don't need to be done for months. Today I created our luggage tags that we'll send with the pre-departure brochure. Just need to print them off! Gotta love peoples templates on the site! So glad I found it! My wedding would have been dull without all of these amazing ideas!


Question - Are you ordering DIY rhinestone kits?


Funny about the gym...with my Boudoir shoot coming up at the end of February there is extra motivation to hit the gym hard. Are you working out with a trainer? Doing fitness classes?


So...other July brides where are you at with the planning? Let's hear it!

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OMG! Six Months!


Here's an update on my Done List and Still to Do List:



- Ordered my dress

- Ordered a 2nd dress after second guessing the first one

- Purchased hubby's linen suit

- Designed Pocketfold invitations (just have to print and cut them out)

- Put deposit on flight/hotel

- Purchased trip insurance (it is hurricane season)

- Purchased Wedding Insurance (hubby is in the military)

- Reception, Welcome Dinner, and Ceremony booked with WC

- Bought Sand Ceremony Frame

- BM's have picked out their dresses but waiting till January to purchase

- Designed and ordered Guest Book on blurb.com

- Ordered Bouqets, Bouts, and Corsages from Shavon's Wedding Silks

- Booked Boudoir Shoot for mid February (signed up for Half-Marathon for motivation!) lol

- Planning music for ceremony and cocktail hour

- Wrote outline for ceremony program

- Bought Bridesmaids Gifts (Personalized Spa Robes, Starfish necklaces, personalized beach bags, flip flops to match their dresses, Sarongs, and still need to buy their jewelry)

- Put deposit on Photographer

- Put deposit on beach house for the "honeymoon" stay

- Purchased ties and pocket squares for groom and groomsmen

- Got Passports!


Still To Do:

- Get GM's outfits (waiting on them to send their measurements so that we can order their suits)

- Get Son's suit (waiting till we get closer to the date)

- Purchase new wedding bands

- Sell 1st dress

- Purchase 2nd dress for reception

- Bridal Shoes

- Bridal Jewelry

- Bridal Flower

- Mail Invitations

- Print Programs

- Buy Sand and Sand Vases for Sand Ceremony

- Load iPod

- Work on OOT Bags

- Buy glass glue for frame

- Create Luggage Tags

- Pre-departure Brochure

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OMG, you guys are seriously scaring me! I am not even joking! I need to get my butt in gear!



- Ordered dress

- Booked wedding and set ceremony time with WC at Dreams

- Paid $500 deposit to Dreams

- Finished wedding website

- Sent STDs

- Booked photographer

- Booked AHR venue for Aug. 21, 2010

- Looked for BM dresses and almost decided



- Invitations

- Book flights/hotel

- Order BM dresses

- Groom's attire

- GM attire

- TTD dress

- Shoes

- Paperwork

- OOT bags

- Rings

- iPod playlists

- Book hair/makeup

- Luggage tags

- Brochures

- Favours

- Programs


I am pretty sure this list could continue on ..... when it all comes down to it, I may just have a very simple wedding! Ha!


The big things I really need to get done are the invitations and the travel arrangements. Without travel arrangements though, I can't send invites and some tour operators still don't have pricing! Ugh!!!! So frustrating!


Hopefully it will all come together! Thanks for starting this thread, it's great for me to see what others are doing in order to keep me on top of my own stuff!!! :)

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Great thread... one of my biggest fears is that I'm going to forget to do something really big.I can;t believe it's a little over six months. YIKES!!



*Booked venue

*created wedding website

*Sent out STD’s and travel packet

*Booked Photographer

*Air and hotel booked, got TA for guests

*Got the dress


*Ordered invites

*BD date set


To be done:

*Renew passport

*Pre-marital counseling

*Wedding Day Accessories

*Décor: paper stuff- table numbers, guest book/mat

*favors, oot bags?

*Groom, MOH, BM attire

*Plan Welcome gathering


*Dress alterations

*Marriage certificate paperwork

*wedding bands

*Work out

*cake, menu, centerpieces




There's so much to do!!

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You are all scaring me! I've just gotten engaged and I think July is the only month that we can get married in 2010 (siblings in school etc). I thought a destination wedding would cut down on some (ok, most!) of the planning BUT this list of To Do's tells me otherwise! It will certainly come in handy once we find a location!

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Oh, I"m way behind!!!!!!!! Yikes! SCARY!!!!


I must hit the sack. Boot camp starts in 5 hours and 22 min... I must lose a few before July 3!! Tomorrow I will post what I've done.

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Ladies don't be scared! The wonderful thing about DW weddings is that you can do as much or as little as you want to.


So we've passed the 5 months to go marker...how's everyone doing?


Here's a little update on the things I've done this last month:

- Ordered Groomsman Gifts

- Ordered BM and MOH jewelry

- Bought my shoes!

- Ordered Personalized Bags and Mugs for OOT bags

- Created and Received Pre-departure mailing brochures from VISTAPRINT

- Made Hats for our Dad's through VISTAPRINT

- Booked Boudoir Shoot...March 27th

- Bought Rhinestone Decals to make tank tops for myself, the mom's and the girls

- Looked for my FI's wedding band (he's being super picky about finding "The Ring" :)

- Collected Hair and Make-up pictures - going for a tutorial at Sephora and the makeup counter at the Bay to find about the right products

- Ordered shower thank you cards from VISTA PRINT - 3 showers have been organized for me :)


I think that's it for now...still a lot to do but getting there!


Big To Do is get the legal paperwork but we can't do that until 3 months out!


I'd be curious to hear how others are doing!

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I'm a May 2010 bride and didn't see a post for May so thought I would take a peek at where you July brides are and all I can say is YIKES!!!!


I can't believe how much I still have left to do!! These details sure do add up quickly!!


Good luck with all the planning ladies wink.gif

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