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Dress & Hair/Veil Advice

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Hi ladies!


So I've scoured this website trying to find any other brides who've done a short dress for their wedding days, and of course I can't find any! I guess my reasoning is that I've never really pictured myself on that day wearing a long gown! We're having a very low key ceremony with an even smaller reception (in our Presidential Suite at Moon Palace). I wanted to keep the wedding from being super formal, so I've chosen to have my dress inspired by the one below:


Moonlight Bridal - Product Details


If that didn't work, it's the T400 dress by Moonlight Bridal.


I will have a different strapless bodice completely (that one's just bunchy and weird). It'll be probably plain like the back, or a nicer version of the ever so popular Herve Leger dresses that you see everyone wearing these days. Oh, and please don't mind the model in this picture, she has a figure skating look going on that I'm NOT planning on replicating!!! cheesy.gif. Nice hair right??!!


SO, my question to you very well-versed brides and brides to be is what on earth should I do with my hair?? I was thinking a small birdcage, or maybe just a flower. The flower might be a little much after seeing the skirt! I was also looking at very short veils.


My hair is shortish and I'll be keeping it half down, and a little curly.


If anyone could direct me to a site with pics of brides in shorter dresses, or just with nice veil options I'd be forever grateful!!!!!


Thanks in advance cheesy.gif

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I like the idea of a bird cage veil too.


Or I think a simple headpiece/headband like this might look cute (but only if they body is more plain like you want it):

Click the image to open in full size.

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I'm gonna go against the grain on this one...


I say for a fun, unexpected twist it might be really interesting to combine a short gown with a long veil?!?!


It would be both modern and traditional all at the same time, and really give you that finishing "bridal" touch!


Just a thought wink.gif

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