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Is there a resort that allows non hotel guests to come to the wedding?

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Originally Posted by carolina24 View Post
we're getting married at dreams cancun and they DO NOT charge a fee if your guests arrive up to one hour before the wedding and leave immediately following the reception. I put this info on our website for guests who might want to stay somewhere else.
this is absolutely correct!
and i had the same search for a place for the wedding for the same reason....majority of our guests reside in cancun so there was no way they would be booking!
Dreams charges per person for dinner/bar (if you have more guests than the package) and that is why they allow it .... doesnt interfere with their AI plan.

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Hello and congratulation !!!

We are indipendent wedding planners in the Riviera Maya and Cancun ...and we have many years experiences in planning weddings ( Europe, Mexico etc..) ...we personally love this location!

As we are indipendent wedding planners we dont work insed AI because we think that each wedding is so different from another and having the same AI wedding is not our style, of course we are competitive also with prices rispect to AI.

We select personally every locations , so that we can offer the perfect one for you, suitable to your taste and budget !


Usually our couples with their friends and family stay in different places and then we organize the wedding in a different location ,and believe me most of time .....at the end the total is cheaper than having a AI wedding in your hotel ;-))

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