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:( Postponing Wedding from Jan 2011 to Jan 2012 !!!


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Im so disheartened.....Riley and I just decided that we are putting the wedding off for another year!! I was getting more excited as 2010 drew closer bc then I would be only a year away...now its going to be 2 years and that is just sooooo far away. So now all of my planning and buying is at a standstill and Im afraid that what I like now I wont like in 2 years from now.....This is so frustrating sad.gif


Sometimes I wish we would just go off and get married without family and friends present as it would be so much easier. Bc now our wedding date interferes with other family members plans for summer vacations in 2010 and finances....its too much and they cant save for both. So now we have to bump the wedding another year out so that everyone is accomodated. And I can just see it....another year will pass and then again something else will interfere...there will be no pleasing everyone I know. But when this affects the immediate family...what else can we dohuh.gif


Ugh! I can't believe this....I never thought I would be the one on here postponing my wedding....On the bright side.....I will have more time to save too I guess... oh gosh I hope thats not the only positive to this....lol


Thanks for letting me vent!!!


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The bright side of things is definitely it does give you more time to save and have the wedding of your dreams! Another idea could be the idea of getting married in 2011 and then doing like a vow renewal type thing in 2012? Its a really tough situation, tons of hugs headed your way through all of this!!

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Well when you say immediate family I hope it's your parents you are accomodating, because IMO them and siblings are the only ones worth accomodating for. I changed my date to a month later after my parents complained it was too close after Christmas... then the new date pissed off my aunt because they are all in BC and it's the exact two weeks of the Vancouver Olympics... there is no pleasing everyone. They have to make the sacrifice for you, not the other way around.

And don't get me wrong, I am VERY close with my family, but I just refuse to put my life on hold for other people's plans. I say be more selfish.

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Oh that really sucks! What an awful situation to be in sad.gif You're right though, something will always come up, it really doesn't matter when you plan for it. When you're trying to accomodate a large group, you can never please everyone (especially family)! I hope your family appreciates the sacrifice you're making for them!

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I totally understand how you are feeling, we will be changing our date from dec 1 , 2010 until July 2011. I was very disappointed but, then I figured this way there will be more money to spend and now we can stay for 2 weeks instead of 1. So look at the bright side of it. It will happen and it will be wonderful.

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