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Originally Posted by Jenn&Kraig View Post
You really did a great job!!

Can I ask how many invites/STD's you created, the time and approximate cost for supplies in doing this yourself?

We are tossing up the notion of DIY or getting the made professionally.

Thanks!! :)
I made 70 Save the Dates and 70 passport invites. It didn't cost much- although I forgot to really keep track of the prices.
This is my best estimate:
White Card Stock: you can get a pack of 100 sheets for under $10
Card Stock for Ticket Jackets: I got a few variety packs on clearance for $7 each.
Brads: I got on clearance for $3
Envelopes: I got regular envelopes from Target
Labels: under $10
The most expensive part is probably the ink. I was able to print them at my fiance's work so that didn't cost us anything.

I would say we saved a lot of money doing it ourselves, but it was time intensive and I spent many hours cutting out Save The Dates and Invites. I was late with the STD's and my mom wound up sitting down for about 8 hours and cutting them all out. I spread out making the invites and did it over time so it didn't feel so bad. I think it was worth it in the end (for the savings) but at the time it did not feel worth it. Also getting compliments on them mean so much more when you make them yourself.

Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by westxgrly View Post
Thanks for sharing... awesome job. I was wondering... what kind of paper did you use for the passport covers?

* Stay warm fellow N. Texan..... it's going to drop under 20.... brrrr

I used AC Cardstock from Michaels. It was a textured card stock. I just got a multi-pack and used the different shades of blue. I used the same paper for the jackets on the STD tickets.

*Boy is it cold today. Hope you are enjoying it (or staying out of it).

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