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Natalie's Non pro pics slideshow

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Hey all, I'm sorry this took so long to post but here are some pictures. I have so many more but I don't have time to load all of them. I'm working on writing my review. I will try to post later tonight.


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Oh ya... some of the pictures are blurry but you can get the idea! I know Juan won't have mine ready for awhile since he is soooo busy!! As soon as I get some professional ones I will post!!

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Yay Natalie... you have been making us wait quite a while. Congrats and love the dress! You guys were really cute. Is Lance camera shyhuh.gif He looks exactly like your profile pic.


OMG, I had no idea your wedding party was that huge! The BM dressses were cute. W2G and thanks for sharing again!

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awww - i loved it! i can only imagine how i'll react to the pro ones - those were so sweet! i even saw the starfish! i teared up ... that surprised me. i think cuz i "know" you - i mean, we've met and we used to be neighbors! awww - you looked beautiful, Natalie!

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