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Activities/ Excursions in La Romana

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Seavis looks great! Sounds a lil more detailed than other companies I've seen.

The 25 min confused me, but I looked on the website and its 22 MAX and 8ppl min for 80 so you probably got a group rate, huh?


So will you be paying for your guests to go, or will they sign up on their own?

I don't think I'll be able to pay for everyone but I'd love to go so maybe I'll list it as an option event and they can sign up on their own.. is anyone else doing this?

Nadia, do you kno the name of the company you went with?

I've mostly been looking at Colonial Tours?

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I know it is a little late, but perhaps this will interest others looking for info on the subject.


We went with Seavis. Some of our guests came with us, and some went on a similar snorkelling trip through the Dreams La Romana resort.


There was absolutely no contest. Both trips left at the same time, lasted for the same duration, and included food as well as snorkelling gear.


Ours cost $95/person, the resort charged $110/person. The beach we went to was clear enough to see coral, considering we were going on the first day of good ocean waves after Hurricane Sandy. Lots of fish, starfish, and even a stingray.


The other group had very cloudy water and most stayed on the beach instead of snorkelling. They did not even bother giving people fins.


They said their food was on par with the resort. Ours was delicious, fresh and local, but this is harder to judge without having tried both.


Their extra sightseeing was a recreation of a 16th century town. Ours was a small local villiage with no water or electricity that helped with sea turtle conservation. This is totally a people's choice area, as some people prefer one over the other.


In the end, I highly recommend Seavis! Eco touristry with respect for the environment and people, as well as wonderful experiences!

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