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Digital slide converter

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I have a large amount of personal slides and negatives that I want to convert to digital files. What I have found on Amazon and on B & H Photo starts at $50 and goes up from there. I would pay up to $200 for something with notably superior resolution/quality.


Does anyone have any recommendations? I would like to find something that I can download that files to a memory stick and plug into my pc laptop.


I would like something portable (will be scanning away from home), but if one comes highly recommended I will certainly consider something less portable since I can bring my laptop.


Thanks all.

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So in case anyone is thinking about holiday presents, I got a converter at Best Buy for about $80 the other day. It's great! It comes with a holder for slides, a holder for negatives, and a scanner. I tried it out, and the resolution on a negative from 1992 was surprisingly good.


It's going to be a long project for me to digitize all of the negatives and slides, but it will be nice to have archived them before they further degrade.

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