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Sweet Desire Cake Bakery Beware!

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In short - we DO NOT recommend using Patty or Sweet Desire in PV for your wedding cake. She's slick and says the right things, but don't be fooled!


We went there after we weren't happy with pricing of Pie in the Sky (for what it seems you got) or the taste of their cakes.


We agreed to $260 for a two-tiered cake for 35 people. MUCH higher than we wanted to pay, but we were tired of making decisions, she seemed so nice, and really took the time to sit with us and talk about what we wanted. Plus her cakes tasted great!


Unfortunately, we didn't get anything near what we paid for. The cake was supposed to be white, with navy and light blue accents (our wedding colors). The square tiers were supposed to be off set with pearl piping on the edges and a floral-squirrely design up the sides (part of our wedding motif - we sent her an image). We gave her a wedding topper, and she thought the cake would be a little plain, so we also had a few flowers (made of frosting) on it. We told her we preferred lilies, but anything but roses.


What we got was not off set, plain white with no floral design, big puffy piping along the edges like you get from the grocery store, and roses. (We knew this was going to happen - the day before she sent an email saying she couldn't find the tool to make lilies in PV and so was doing roses. We didn't have time to care about this at the time. But, I seriously doubt PV lacked the necessary tool.) More importantly, the colors were wrong - they were royal blue and turquoise. NOT the same as navy and light blue. They didn't match our wedding at all.


And the cake didn't taste all that great. One layer, the chocolate layer, wasn't as good as it was in the store. The other was a strawberry rum that we didn't try because she didn't have it made but she swore by it and said it was award winning. And we tried a coconut rum that was really good. Unfortunately, it wasn't good at all. It didn't really taste like anything, and she said there were fresh strawberries in it but I couldn't see or taste them. And the cake was really hard! Most of it went uneaten. All in all, a big waste of money.


As a side note, my BMs had some chocolate covered strawberries from her delivered to our honeymoon suite as a surprise. So sweet! But I hope they didn't pay much because they didn't taste that good. The chocolate was very powdery tasting.


We don't have any great pics of it yet (we haven't gotten the pro pics yet) but you can kind of see it here. As you can see, it's OKAY, but not worth the money, especially when it didn't taste great, wasn't what we asked for, and didn't match our wedding.


Ignore my huge cheesy grin!




Click the image to open in full size.

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Hi I am Patty from Sweet Desire and sadly We can't make everyone Happy as much as we try. I always do a tasting and try to get the colors to match as close as possible . I have dozens of Happy Brides And I take pride on making every bride happy but sometimes you can't. I spend a lot of time with the couple and ask lots of questions to get as close to what the couple wants for the cake! I have tons of referrals from Brides and other occasion cakes that I can supply , Thanks Sweet Desire cake Studio!

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