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Anyone NOT have a private event?

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Because I didn't pay for a private event we were supposed to be in the buffet restaurant with tables reserved. When I got to the resort they surprised me and said that since we were such a small group they moved us to the Italian restaurant. When I got to the restaurant they surprised us with our own room with our own servers :)


I had to pay for the ceremony decorations - it was a package and the flowers were part of it. The ceremony was actually supposed to be on the beach but we got rained out.


There were 9 of us total plus a baby. After dinner there was only 7 of us partying it up lol. The small group worked out well for the whole week. We pretty much hung out most of the time and arranged most of our meals together. Fun times :)

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If we qualify for unlimited priviate events, then we will have them.


If not, then we are going to have a hour cocktail party, dinner in a restaruant AND then head to the disco (if the disco is not open, then I want to go to the swing bar on the Sunrise side until it opens).


I also agree that it is expensive. I hope that we qualify, but....if not, its still going to be a BLAST! :)


Happy Planning! :)

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Originally Posted by Woodsylou View Post
what is the swing bar? is the disco open every night? where is that?

sorry 20 questions!
It's cool. Give me some time. I will find pictures from our vacations and post them. :)

and yes. Disco is open every night. Opens at 10PM and closes after 3am ....I think.

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