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6 weeks to go + honeymoon?

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So. I have 6 weeks (actually just under) left before we leave & I am just hoping that I haven't forgotten anything. Can you help me out? If you notice something that is on your list that I have clearly forgotten? Thanks ladies!!

* Also, we are considering a 2nd week honeymoon.. (if we can afford it), and I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with sandals in Jamaica (we were thinking Sandals Dunns) OR any sandals (or other romantic but not super super expensive resort in the carribean?)



Here is the list:



Photographer & videographer booked

wedding time, date and poolside reception booked (ROR)

Travel arrangements made

Rings all bought

OOT bags made, and stuff bought

Dress about to be fitted

groom outfit bought

bm and gm outfits bought

gifts for bm's complete

decorations bought (chair ties, starfish, paper lanterns, twinkle lights)

booked hair appts for me, my mom and my mother in law (we're getting married at 4pm, and I booked them for 1pm.. think that's good?)


In Jamaica

will book steel drum band

will book hors douvres (sp?)

will book speakers (using ipod, not dj)

book fire dancers (if we have the $)

choose cake (still debating about using sheila's bakery)

figure out flowers (looking into going with another company)


Still to do:

Buy luggage (any suggestions?)

Get in better shape (will 6 weeks of P90x help me?)

Finish playlist (and find a way to cut the breaks from between songs)

Write vows

Write welcome letter

get lingerie

make menu outlines

table numbers

gifts for groomsmen

gifts for parents (any ideas?)


Any input on any part of this would be MUCH appreciated! :)

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luggage: Costco had a set for a while. SWISS army $199 for a six piece. pretty good b/c they have a lifetime warranty.

better shape: p90X is intense. trust me. get '10 minute trainer'. i've been doing it. it's the same as p90x just a bit geared to women... same host.

playlist: if in Itunes, use the gap-less feature. or you can use windows movie maker.. and just use the audio portion. and save as a WMA file.

menu outlines: if you have microsoft publisher, there's a template that's awesome for menus. try it out!

gifts for groomsmen: i was reading on a forum a while ago that one girl got all this rum from the airport upon landing in jamaica... and incorporated it into a gift for the guys... so it was rum plus something else. if i find the forum i'll send it to you.


all the best and have fun!

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I don't think you forgot anything. Hey did you go to victoria secrets lately. semi-annual sale going on. Got a beautiful white nighty for our wedding night.


So I can't decide what to do about the cake either. I know no one will eat it but me and my mom but i want a big beautiful cake anyway. grrrrr.

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That's a great list! It outlines everything nicely and it looks like you're a really organized bride. You list has given me an outline of the things I still need to do. Thanks!

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