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Karen Aucoin

Alberta Area Brides - I have stuff for sale

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Hey Ladies,


So we're back from our destination wedding and I have some stuff I could sell if anyone is interested.


-I have a really nice "Real Touch" orchid hair clip that I wore from Enchanting Memories as well as my veil. My veil was a single-tier 32" plain with simple beading along the edge.

-Garter that is white with two blue rhinestone hearts intertwined that I bought and forgot to wear. (It was $20) I can't find the box though...Plus, I have an el cheapo one that is in the box to use to throw if you're doing the garter toss.

-I have cream and chocolate brown programs from Micheal's that I didn't end up using. (40 I believe)

-I have 6 bamboo fans left over.

-Tourquoise chair sashes and table runners. (40 chair sashes and 10 tables runners, if that many made it back. I'd have to re-count now that we're home)

-10 14" white paper lanterns from Ikea.

-The Everything Destination Wedding Book and Weddingstar magazine.


That's all I can think of right now. I'm in Central Alberta (Sylvan Lake) but I'm in Calgary at least once a month. PM me if your interested in anything and I can send pictures and we can talk about prices then.




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Sorry, I keep finding more stuff...I also have 10 mini beach chairs that can be used on the tables (you can find them on the Weddingstar website or in their catalogue and I also have the jeweled monogrammed letters "K" and "P" from there as well if either of those are your initials. I did the initials, fake flowers and ribbon to decorate my cake.

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I am VERY interested in the chair sashes and table runners if greshle doesn't snatch them up first. :)

Also the beach chairs for the tables, those sound cute - do they hold anything? Like a table number? Or photo?

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