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give me some advice

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A few days ago, I bought 5 pairs of the new style AJ 2009 from Air jordan shoes, Michael jordan shoes,wholesale nike jordan Timberland shoes,women shoes,men shoes,kid shoes ,free shipping 50-80% OFF all of shoes , where i found the website from this forum .I have left a message to them : “Please,send me the black style one !â€,but what I received are two all-black shoes .


What I could do ?


If refund, how can i return , the payment methord I chose is paypal..he paypal prompt:


“The money has been sent!


Josegh, you have sent $196.00 USD to Yi.


We have sent you a receipt for this transaction, and an email has been sent to your recipient. View transaction details “


Could some one give me more details ? Thank you !

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