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INDECISIVE BRIDE..Iberostar RHS, Coral Cove, & Tensing Pen.

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Just when I thought I had everything figured out...guess what? I actually don't! My fellow brides, I think I'm driving myself insane planning my destination wedding.


Originally, I was going to be married at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Unfortunately, it got to the point where I felt as if I was stalking the wedding planner, Nicole. I have been trying to get in contact with her since the first week of November and it is now pushing over to December. I have emailed, called, and left my name and number with the front desk so that she can call me back at her earliest convenience. Mind you, I faxed off the request for my wedding over three weeks ago along with all of the documents that they needed. To this very day, I am waiting on Nicole. I know, I know... she is busy with other weddings etc etc but how long does it take to tell me that she reserved my date? That is all I was trying to confirm so that I can go ahead and print my invitations and get everything sorted out. So much for that VERY lost cause...


So I've been looking around again and I went back to Coral Cove to get some info to refresh my memory. Like always, Maxine was ready to get down and dirty with the wedding planning. She was answering all of my emails and questions. I felt as if she just knew all the answers LOL! Their prices are fantastic but I'm just a little worried about my guests enjoying themselves in such a country area. I am originally from Jamaica so I am not interested in being near all of the tourists and making it out to be a "well needed vacation" for everyone else. I'm interested in making it about me, me, me and ME ten times over.... for once. Call it selfish, but hey.. it's MY day dammit! LOL! Although, I must admit that my heart still works quite well and I STILL manage to think about my guests' happiness. I always wonder..."should the wedding at Iberostar where my guests' days will be with filled with activites? Or should I book at a more secluded located where it will just be my and my guests at that resort? I could make it fun, plan events both on the premise and locally... or... should I book at Tensing Pen? Still just as relaxed as Coral Cove but maybe just a little more breathtaking and a little closer to civilization?


Hmm... to please my own soul or to please the souls of others? The stress may never end....

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