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Khomac - Majestic Colonial - 10/22/09 - Details & LINK TO PICS

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This isn't a review so much as it is the "low down" of my "wedding vacation".


People had asked how my wedding was and I never responded. I never responded because it wasn't that memorable and thinking about it makes me kinda sad. Also, I got tired or telling/typing all the problems that happened so I kinda left it. Now that I've relaxed a little, I figured I'd update you all on what happened sad.gif


Saturday Oct 17th

I went to bed at 2:30am. Woke up at 4:30am to fly out at 6:30am.


Arrived in Toronto at 8:20. Flight was to leave at 9:40. At 9:40 the pilot comes out and tells us OUR FLIGHT IS CANCELLED due to Volcanic ash in the air! Apparently there was an eruption in Puerto Rico and the ash drifted through the air. Ash causes the engine to quite. The kicker is that all other flights from around the world, travelled into Punta Cana, as well as to all other caribbean destinations, EXCEPT OURS!


Waited in line at the airport to get our hotel vouchers as well as our $10 food voucher (this was supposed to cover our 24 hour stay in Toronto). Went to pick up all our luggage (I had 3 suitcases, 2 carry on's, plus my dress), then went to stand outside in line for the complimentary bus to pick us up. Total time in line ups 5 hours


Turns out WestJet implented a new computer system and encountered soooooo many problems that they disconnected their phone lines. We had to find out our travel info from another passenger and trust they were correct.


Up again at 4:30 the next morning to catch the 5:00 bus to bring us back to the airport to leave for PC. Got to resort at 2:00pm SUNDAY.


Meeting with Maritee

These women know what they are doing! They are completely organized and take care of everything. The meeting was about 45 minutes. Her list contains:

  • time
  • place
  • when and where all the guests are to be before the wedding
  • structure of the wedding
  • are you writing your own vows
  • photographer
  • flowers
  • cake
  • dinner
  • reception
  • music down the isle, during document signing, after wedding
  • day passes
  • hair appointments
  • any favours that need to be passed out in advance
  • sand ceremony & wording

I had forgotten the sand ceremony wording, and all my inspiration photo's at home. PLUS I FORGOT MY VEIL AT HOME! I was so sad. I mentioned it to her during the meeting and she says that she has one and asks if I want to borrow it! It was perfect! She also had the wording for the sand ceremony which was very beautiful.


She was more organized that I am so I found her to be wonderful!



On my wedding day, everything was going smoothly. Got married at 3:00 and then "Amazing Michael Steingard" worked his magic for the next couple hours for photo's. I had an "emergency" bathroom break around 5:00 then did more pics. Around 6 we were going to head to the beach for the remainder of the photo's but I didn't want to. I wanted to relax the last 1/2 hour before the dinner. As soon as we were saying bye to Michael, I turned around and puked in the flower hedge lol!! TWICE!


Well, I haven't puked since 2003, not even after drinking! Of all days, I was sick on the wedding day. But usually you puke and your fine right? Well, usually I am.


So I figured I'd head back to the room and freshen up. I didn't feel nauseous and I was still excited about the dinner at the steakhouse and then dancing with my new Dominican family on the beach!


Well, I made it to the room and puked about 7 times in a row. I spent quite a bit of time on the toilet as well. Mom stayed with me as I wanted Pablo to be with his family. Well, it was 7:00 and I told my mom I couldn't make it to dinner and to go ahead and have dinner without me.


Dinner & Reception

After she left to go down for dinner, I puked another 6 times, and spent time in the shower and on the toilet. I asked her to come back around 8 to get me for the dancing. Well, I still wasn't good by that time so I told them to party without me. At this point I really didn't care that I was missing it. I just wanted to lay in bed.


So they partied on the beach, Pablo and his niece (my flower girl) posed for pictures for cutting the cake. And I believe they had our first dance lol. It was awesome (well, to see it in the pics anyway lol). They were on the beach for maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour? Then it started to rain so they rushed in and spent the rest of the time hanging out at the steakhouse I guess. I'm not to sure.


Michael Steingard was awesome. My stereo shorted out and there was no reset button so now they were out of music. Michael went out of his way to keep everyone entertained. He ran to his room and got his laptop so that they could all have music. I had about 14 Dominican family & friends there and they LOVE music so that was really special to me that Michael did that. Around 10:30 they all started to leave the steakhouse and I asked them all to come in to my room to say goodbye as I lay there cuddled under my blankets.


I was happy that everyone had a good time. I paid lots of money for it and I wanted them to enjoy themselves. As long as they had fun I was fine with missing it myself. Now however, I look through other brides pictures I see pics of people cutting the cake, dancing, and having a great time partying with their friends and family and it makes me really sad.



I feel EXTREMELY fortunate to have had Michael Steingard for a photographer. Those Steingards are truly amazing. Maybe you will pay a bit more than you would for a resort photographer, but MAN! These guys arenâ€t just your photographers. Their your friends, they're your “go to†guy when things arenâ€t right. They reassure you, relax you, and help you through your entire wedding day. I canâ€t put into words how special Phil and Michael are. I only had Michael for my wedding, but Phil obviously has inspired Michael to treat his “job†the way that he does. Thatâ€s why I acknowledge them as a team. They are a the Majestic about 10 times a year. Sometimes they stay for a few days, other times they stay for 3 weeks depending on how many weddings they have, so their travel costs would be very affordable!



It also sucked that we had lost a day of our trip because of Westjet. So I talked with Westjet Vacations "Hola Tours" representative Dominique who lives near Punta Cana and is AMAZING! When you check in, you get a note from your travel rep stating when and where to meet the following day. Westjet is MUCH better than Sunquest. She even gave us her personal cell phone number and answers it any time. She tells you about your flight out, any fees (westjet incorprates the $25 departure fee in their prices always), Dominican's hisory & traditions, explains "Dominican time", and tells you about the excursions.


She was EXTREMELY HELPFUL, and got us the extra night in the resort (as I was staying in the Dominican with Pablo's family anyway). So luckily, we still got our 7 nights at the Majestic and I didn't have to do any of the complaining!



We didn't really get anything special in our room. We had no towel art, no flowers, no "extra" touches. We didn't get the banner over the door. We got a room upgrade to ground floor, pool side. But really that doesn't matter. You get an outdoor Jacuzzi tub but it takes about 1 hour to fill it so it felt like were in a basic room like everyone else.


I was always so positive about destination weddings and thought that no matter what happened it would still be an amazing wedding vacation surrounded by people you love and care about. But with so many things happening, Iâ€ve lost that excitement. I donâ€t look back and think “It was amazingâ€, because it wasnâ€t any different than the week I spent there 2 years ago. Maybe if I hadnâ€t been so familiar with the Majestic, I wouldnâ€t expect so much and instead I would be surprised. But knowing what I could have had, and see what I actually got, just didnâ€t meet what I was expecting and it sucks.


My vacation didn't seem like a wedding vacation. I didn't get anything different than the rest of my family and friends got. Pablo and I did receive 4 different things during the week with wine or champagne, but I never got the dinner and beach party. My wedding day started at 11am for hair, 1-2:30 for pictures, then the wedding & pics from 3-6. I spent 4 hours "done up", and by 6 my hair was out, make up off, dress & jewelry off, and I was in bed.


We got breakfast in bed but I couldn't eat any of it because I was still sick. We got the romantic dinner (not on the beach) but on the empty side of the Seafood restaurant. It looked amazing, but again I couldn't eat it. I spent the day after the wedding in the room all day except for the dinner.


I wasn't going to have an At Home Reception. I was just going to do a BBQ outside when Pablo gets here. But now, I feel I want something more. I want it to be more special because I didn't get the cake, didn't do or hear any speeches, didn't do our first dance, or the father daughter dance.


I still love the Majestic, and still say that your wedding will be amazing. The food & staff are amazing, and the resort is beautiful. The wedding day did go smoothly minus me, and the rain at night. My family/friends enjoyed the wedding, dinner, and beach party. Itâ€s not often that things go wrong, so I do STILL believe that you will have a memorable wedding vacation there!


You are getting married in another country, outside, so I guess you do have to be prepared for the unexpected.


Kelly's Wedding Photos - By Michael Steingard

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Ohh, sorry to hear you were sick on your wedding! I guess being in another country it is definitely a possiblity for any DW bride! The pictures you did get are gorgeous though and now you're married to the man of your dreams! cheesy.gif


Definitely splurge for an AHR, it'd be a great way to make up for lost time!

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Omg Kelly thank you so much for sharing and I am so sorry all those things happened. If it is any consolation your pictures are beautiful! Again I am sorry and I hope you do get an at home reception with all the things you feel you missed out on sad.gif

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oh, that's so sad. you were so excited about your wedding before you went. I worry about getting sick there too and have thought about how shitty (no pun intended!) it would be if that were to happen. I can't believe it actually happened :-(

your photos are great, and at least you have that as a great piece to look back on. congratulations, and you should def. wear your dress again and have a fantastic AHR!

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lol thanks girls :)


I'm not crying about it or anything, and it's only when I look at others pictures that I get sad. The great thing about a destination wedding is that it's a WEEK LONG celebration, so even though I missed out on "traditional" things, it still was a fantastic celebration.


I'll just have to stop looking at others pictures lol :)


IF anything does happen to you guys, please don't let it get you down too much. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen! There's nothing you can do. You HAVE to go with the flow no matter what the day throws at you.


It's not about a big presentation, or entertaining everyone. It's about having that small intimate gathering with the closest family and friends in your life. :)

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You looked gorgeous & amazing, and I would not have been able to tell at all that you were really sick that day if you didn't tell us!


Belated congratulations!

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What a bummer of all days to be sick.


I am really impressed with you effort and attitude towards the misfortune. Not many people can take all the in stride.


Congrats on your wedding.

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