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ROR Brides getting married after Jan 23, 2010

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(but close to it)


I am bringing SO much stuff. And in all likelihood, I will not bring it all home again with me.. so if there is anyone who will be around on the 24th (we're leaving on the 25th) and is getting married anytime after me, I would be happy to share my stuff with you. (if you could use it/the colours were right etc).


- tall glasses/vases for centerpieces (orchids in water with floating candle on top)

- chair sashes (ocean blue/turquoise organza)

-starfish (40 large real ones, white (i am planning to put a piece of felt & safety pin on the back of them)

- paper lanterns (and electrical cords to light them all up) (navy blue, aqua, and deep/bright pink)

- little "cracked glass" multicoloured round candle holders

- twinkle lights (for the pillars at the poolside reception)

- parasols in white, blue and pink


there are other things too... if you're interested pm me and I'll give you a complete list!

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lol.. im kind of relieved to hear that isaidyes! I JUST sent my stuff to chandlyn, I JUST ordered all of the stuff i listed in this thread, and I JUST started to think about centrepieces.. oh.. and i don't yet have a confirmed photographer.. it came up too quickly! Congrats and have a great day! We're going down on the 18th, so maybe I'll see you!

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msmoodyr - yes! we are spreading it out among ourselves, our parents, and a few guests.. We will probably have in total 2 big suitcases filled with stuff (some for our OOT bags for guests).. but I just feel like it's such a waste to take it down there, and then haul it all back and never use it again (esp. things like the chair sashes, big starfish, and candle/holder centerpieces)


it would be crazy and so not worth it. I know I would have loved to have just used the stuff from a wedding earlier in the week, but now that I've buckled and bought the stuff, I definitely want to pass it on! I know chandlyn won't keep things for long periods.. but a few days probably won't be a big deal. I'm really glad that people are interested! It would be nice if there was someone getting married on the 24th or 25th who could use it and then just pass it to the next person so chandlyn didn't have to keep it, but I'll do my best to convince her to store it for a few days!

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I am also arriving on the 30th and would be super happy to take any of those items (if there are any left)

We have exactly the same colour scheme!

Please let me know if anything is available.

I tried to pm you but I don't think I have enough points yet. You can email me at kwozney@trentu.ca and let me know.

Thanks so much for offering! Hope you guys have an awesome trip!



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