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FMIL walking FI down the aisle??

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The closest thing I've seen to this is the groom escorting the mom's to their seats, but this would be before any of the wedding party came in... I guess technically it might be considered the start of the ceremony, but really it's almost just before the actual ceremony starts. If I am being honest, what you are describing (him being escorted down the aisle by his mom right before you go down the aisle with your dad, is that right?) sounds kind of weird to me.


That being said, it seems like for destination weddings anything goes! I do find it strange though that she is being so insistent on it if it is something that your FI doesn't even want to do! I don't know, but I can kinda understand your feeling that she is trying to steal your spotlight!


On the one hand, I guess it's not a big deal and if you guys can accomodate her and make her happy by doing this then why not. On the other hand, if even your FI feels strongly that he doesn't want to do it, I don't think that you should! Just my opinion, but it's your wedding and you shouldn't be forced to do anything you don't really want. I wonder if there's some way to compromise?

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