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After seeing so many beautiful boarding pass designs on here I was unhappy with my very simple design. I opted not to include the jacket and just to include a letter instead. I printed the letter on a beach-themed paper and folded the boarding pass inside of it. the guests loved them,... then again, they had never seen anything like it.

Click the image to open in full size.

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Thanks! Yes, I made them using Ayleebits.com template. I added the info on another post, but here is her link if you need it Aylee Bits :: Aylee on weddings, design, personal finance, travel, photography, the internet and more

so glad you like it cause i thought they looked plain. The lime is simple free clip art and I looked around for some fonts that I thought were fitting. printed them on 80# white card stock and used my laser printer at work. Thank you to all of the ladies on here who have shared information.

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