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oot bags - rag shop/bbb

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hey - i know it's old news, but the rag shop is going out of business...they still has lots of merchandise, 30 - 70% off...i just got the last 15 canvas bags for OOT bags for about $1.15/bag!!!!!!! they also have flip flops for about $1.20 (nice colors, too) and wedge flip flops for $2.and change...tule (sp?) and ribbon and silly cake toppers and scrapbooking paper, etc....


ALSO - BBB has photo duffles (slots for about 10 pics in front) on sale from $7.99 to $3.99 - plus if you're on the mailing list, you get all of those 20% coupons...would have gotten these but i don't know how many guests i'll have....wouldn't want to run out and have to substitute...at least w/ the canvas bags i can find them anywhere.

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