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I have seen some incredible and inspiring beach invitations, but I am getting married in Las Vegas. Most of the invitations I have seen on the Web for Las Vegas have either been too formal or a little too gimicky for what I am looking for. I was wondering what other Vegas brides have done or if you all have made your own? I was leaning towards making my own, but am needing a little inspiration.

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I'm not sure what you are looking for as far as style, but this website has a bunch of invites that I think are fab for a Vegas wedding:

All New, Vegas at Night SALE <strike>$199.90</strike> $99.90 – Las Vegas Weddings


These are some of my personal favs:

City Lights Tri-Photo Wedding Invitation $277.90 – Las Vegas Weddings

All New! Luxury Shimmer <strike>$202.90</strike> $182.90 – Las Vegas Weddings

Boarding Pass Vegas Invitations $139.85 – Las Vegas Weddings


Good luck & if you need more ideas, let us know!!

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Thanks for the links, Married in Maui! I had looked at a few of those before and although great and beautiful invitations, I was wanting something in the middle of formal and whimsical. I'm thinking that I might make my own if I can figure out how to make it the way I want it. I found a template for a portfolio-styled envelope and thought of using it along with a map, etc. If my diy doesn't turn out so great, I really liked your suggestion of the boarding pass.


Thanks again!

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