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Civil Ceremony vs. Symbolic Ceremony Aventura Spa Palace

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Hi Ladies,

I'm getting married in May at the Aventura Spa Palace and have purchased a wedding package with the Civil Ceremony (Legal). I'm looking for input as to if I should stick with the legal civil ceremony or change to a symbolic ceremony and go to the courthouse in California to make it legal in the US.


My concerns with the Civil Ceremony in Mexico are:

How much does it cost to have your wedding license translated to english?

Has anyone had difficulty with having a legal ceremony in Mexico and then making legal in the US or was it fairly easy?


I understand I need to have my blood drawn and bring the appropriate paperwork to Mexico in order to perform the Civil ceremony. I'm more concerened with the process when we get back to the US to have it recongized as legal in California.



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From what I understand it is pretty straight forward to have your legal Mexican wedding recognized in the US, but I can't say for sure since I am Canadian. We decided to get married legally at home first to avoid having to do the blood test, x-rays, fingerprints, running around etc needed for a legal wedding down there. As well, not to say that I am a pessimist or anything but I also found out that to get legally divorced once having had a Mexican wedding, you would need to move (both of you) to Mexico for 6 months prior to putting-in the paperwork - needless to say that's just complicated! Just something to think about...

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