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Wedding Over - Many Leftovers!

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Hi Everyone,


I received so many responses which I truly appreciate. I have many items that people have expressed interest in and will provide an update tomorrow of what is still available after I calculate shipping and send invoices tonight.


Thanks again!

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Hi Everyone -


Again, thank you for the interest. Below is the list of the items available, sale pending, and sold. Sale pending means that someone has expressed interest, I have calculated S&H and are either awaiting payment/or to send invoice pending approval of S&H charges by the person. Anything that says "Sold" has been paid for and will be shipped today or tomorrow.


1) 17 OOT Bags - sale pending

2) Starfish Charms - sale pending

3) Heart Place Card Holders - 24 packages sale pending - 26 Packages Available

4) Bridal Shoes - Available

5) Destination Wedding for Dummies Book - Available

6) White Satin Money Bag/Purse - Available

7) White Flower Petals - sale pending

cool.gif 3 Starfish Necklaces - 2 sale pending - 1 Available

9) Children's Jewelry Set - Available

10) 42 Take-Out Favor Containers - Available

11) 2 white gardenia flower hair pines - sale pending

12) 5 white hydrangea flower hair pins - Available

13) 3 Bridal White Flowers - Sold

14) Double Strand Tiara/Headband - sale pending

15) Floral Tiara/Headband - sale pending

16) 15 Red Luggage Tags - sale pending

17) 18 Orange Luggage Tags - Sold

1cool.gif 18 Blue Luggage Tags - Sold

19) 15 Green Luggage Tags - Sold

20) 12 Decorated Fans - Available

21) Ring Pillow - Available


Many people are interested in the same items, so I ask for those that I send a PM last night to please confirm whether you are still interested as I would like to let the other people know either way.


I want to make sure everyone is happy and I truly appreciate all the responses!


For those that have asked about the luggage tags - I purchased them at Michaels early in the summer. It took going to 5 Michaels stores to get the amount that I thought I needed!


Thanks again!



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