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"If I had a boat"

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It's amazing how sneaky our men can be when they must!!

After 11 months of dating and six months of living together Jasin proposed. Amazingly, despite the 45 foot Sea-Ray Jasin chartered, an amazing night-cruise on Lake Michigan, a gourmet-packed picnic basket and the city's amazing fireworks display... I was SHOCKED when it happened! Well, it did help that the the original surprise date was planned for Wednesday and I thought that I was being taken on a Segway tour which was postponed due to inclement weather.


The proposal was romantic, sweet and absolutely perfect! Jasin thought of everything!


He asked a friend of mine to create a playlist (and didn't tell her what it was for). He asked for an up tempo and slow playlist. And he timed them with the fireworks. The 3rd song during the fireworks that played was Lyle Lovett's "If I had a boat" which is fitting since he's my fave and I love boats. He proposed during that song (after I spilled wine on the boat) during the fireworks display. It was awesome. If you know that song ladies... you know the lyrics say "If I had a boat, I'd sail out on the ocean, and if I had a pony I'd ride it on my boat"

I love the ring... but now I keep telling him that I will be expecting a boat for our anniversary. Then a pony. tee, hee. I kid of course, but what was he thinking??

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