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My Hangover Kits

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TK, all I can say is that I LOVE YOU!!

I have been looking for an explanation as to how to get these bags together and now I have it. I will try to make up these bags this weekend.

I guess I have to go to walmart or Sams club to buy the bulk items? All have found so far are individuals and I did not want to actually handle the pills and such myself.

I have about 60 guests soI guess I have a lot of work to do!!!



Originally Posted by tkolman773 View Post
Are finished! Thought I would share since I got all of the inspiration from here so others can see how mine turned out. I used the fun stickmen template that I found on here to make stickers for a lot of the items. It is really easy to do, just download the template from other posts and use powerpoint to copy and modify.


My hangover kit contains:

2 gatoraide powder mixes

2 tums powder packets

2-3 Advil packets

3 lifesavers

1 packet of peptobismol tablets

2 Alkaseltzer packets


They are pretty easy to make, I just used clear plastic bags from Michaels to hold everything, printed off the labels onto blank stickers I got from Staples, and then stapled the top of the bag closed. I used plain cardstock for the top of the bag to hold the label, and then stapled that to the bag as well. Thanks to all of the brides who posted this idea - I think that these bags are great! I am using the templates to also make a "wedding week survival kit" that has sunscreen, aloe vera, shout wipes purell, insect repellant wipes and wet wipes - I can post that too if anyone would like to see it. Thanks! Hope these pictures work - it seems to not want to upload them.


Thanks to everyone else who posted these ideas and let me "borrow" them. This forum is the best!


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